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Opportunities for Business Set up in Dubai

With improved access to natural resources and finances, a business-friendly tax environment, and so many trading options, Dubai is such a favorable destination for business expansion. You have reached billions of customers thanks to its proximity to Middle East, African, Asian, and Eastern European countries and its central location. With negligible cost of living and 0 corporate tax, there is no lack of opportunities. 


Dubai has more than 85% of the expat population. So, educational institutions are much needed here. If you have all the important licenses and certifications to provide education in different languages, you can easily set up a school, educational institute, or college here. You should have proper infrastructure, unless you are acquiring a franchise. You can also make the most of digital teaching with low capital. 


It is another recession-free industry as people from nearest countries visit the UAE for more affordable healthcare solutions. You can set up your healthcare clinic in a free zone, Dubai Healthcare City.  You can get all the important visas and licenses with professional assistance. 


With a well-planned location and superior infrastructure, Dubai is a melting pot for logistics and transport businesses. There is a high demand for companies who can serve as a supply chain. In addition, local taxi services and trans-city transportation is always needed for tourists and citizens. You can get all the important approvals and licenses with the help of experts for business set up in Dubai

Travel Agency 

In 2017 alone, more than 15.8 million tourists visited Dubai. This city is truly a melting pot of foreign tourists who gather here from different cultures and countries for business and leisure purposes. Even in this pandemic period, the tourism industry will witness a huge surge since lockdowns have been lifted. You can open a travel agency to make the most of this opportunity. People won’t stop visiting this beautiful city for so many activities, beaches, hotels, historical landmarks, and shopping malls. 

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