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Gone are the days when Internet dating was considered a big No! Nowadays, especially during the lockdown phase amid the coronavirus pandemic, as everything revolves around the ‘Internet,’ the halves of the ‘Single Population’ started using the online dating apps to find a soul mate for themselves.

So, until the lockdown ends and you start meeting your prospective partners in pubs, cafés, parks, and restaurants; let the online dating sites play their part in bonding your relationship with your online partner even stronger!

However, in this process, what seems daunting is finding a secure and free dating site to get a compatible match. Therefore, in order to help you all in having some serious relationships in the near future, we’ve come out with this blog that contains the list of best free dating sites and apps in 2020. So, read here and choose the best free dating site/app for oneself:

hinge dating app

Hinge—suitable for some serious relationship goals: The site originally lets you find a prospective partner among those with whom you shared some mutual or common connection on other social sites like Facebook. But soon, the site changed its design completely and now; Hinge provides a lot of information about its users related to their education, religion, hobbies, interests, bad habits and achievements, etc. So, basically this site makes it easier for you to find someone that matches your ideal picture of that special one with whom you can build some serious relationship.

Happn Dating App

Happn—suitable for missed connections: This is another cool concept that connects you with those who are located nearby your area. Basically, Happn is considered an ideal site if you want to date your immediate neighbor or the ones who crossed your paths every day. Once you sign up on the site, it will show you the list of all those who’ve just crossed your paths within the time frame of 3 hours. So, if you’re unable to approach the one who lives very close to you then, you can take help from the Happn site.

The League Daring App

The League—suitable for individuals with high standards: As the name suggests, this is an elite dating app. It means to use it you’re required to wait for long as the list of people applying from the big cities are quite long on this site. It is also because the site wants you to enter your important data related to your education qualification, school, college, job profiles as well as your social networking sites like LinkedIn. So, updating all these data lists of all people who signed up on the site, makes you wait longer to start using this app to build a connection with the elite!

Clover Dating App

Clover—suitable for arranging a date: On this site, you can ask or demand a date, same like you order your food. The site provides you a numeric match prediction based on the grounds of your interests, requirements, and compatibility, etc. So, if you’re really interested in going for a date with your prospective partner after the lockdown then, Clover is for you!

Tinder dating app

Tinder—suitable for small and quick hookups: Though the site is mainly suitable for youngsters who only need to have quick and small hookups; but, that’s not it! It is also an ideal site for those singles that are looking for friendship, a potential date, and even for serious long term relationships in the online dating world. Basically, the site covers all these categories! On the site, you’ll see two sections; where on the top you’ll get the brief of ‘New Matches’ that help you in making a decision quickly and in the bottom you’ll get a brief description about those people that helps you in knowing what the people are looking for! So, this makes it easier for you to message the one whom you find interesting based on their bio.

Her dating app

Her—suitable for queer women, lesbian, gay, and bisexual: Though, anyone can use any site for dating purposes but it makes you feel good to have a site that is dedicated to your community. So, for all the LGBTQ, this site is considered an ideal platform to build a connection with people who share the same interest.

EHarmony Dating App

EHarmony—suitable for marriage seeking people: Similar to the other marriage sites like ‘’ this site also lets you find a suitable match for oneself. The services and features of the eHarmony app are designed to match couples on the grounds of a total of 29 dimensions including compatibility and interests. If you register yourself on the site then, you’ve to give a personality test and need to answer a relationship questionnaire. This way, the site only has those users who are really seeking a partner for marriage. Not only that, but eHarmony also lets you review the profile of your potential partner in quite a detail without charging you anything. Isn’t it amazing!

So, that’s all! These are a few of the best dating apps for building relationships that you can use as an opportunity to meet online with new people and have new enjoyable experiences.


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