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SMS Advertising

With time more and more industries are looking for efficient ways to promote themselves and increase sales. Social media platforms are one of the great sources to promote yourself and your business. But SMS advertising is gaining much popularity among all other means of promoting your business. Through SMS marketing, people can now reach several people and get positive responses back from the people they reach. Usage of mobile is increasing with the increase in technology; every age group now has access to mobile phones.

The chances of people replying to the sender through SMS are higher than those of email. The response is positive and in bulk in SMS advertising. For the companies and organizations, it is an effective and affordable source to reach their customers than other means like paying for a Facebook Ad or calling each one out there to ask if they want to buy your products and services or not.

The number of industries is evolving and emerging with time, and their interest in SMS advertising is also increasing. Below are some of the industries that use SMS advertising as an important tool to reach customers.

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Fashion industry

Many physically existing brands and online shopping brands are surviving mostly because of the SMS facility. They send their customers updates on their upcoming products and services. SMS advertising in Dubai is bringing a great change in the fashion industry; people are getting updates on the latest fashion trends and the options to keep following those trends. Shopping brands send updates to their customers about the grand season sales and special discount offers. People always feel an attraction towards the things that make them feel that they are beneficial for them. The fashion industry is making more money by bringing more customers by spending a little on SMS advertising campaigns.

Educational sector

The use of SMS advertising is now very common in the educational sector. Many students can get updates on the last dates and requirements to apply for a university or college. Moreover, universities or educational institutions are also sending their scholarship offers, and partial fee waiver offers through SMS.

Health and Fitness

Who doesn’t want to stay fit? Health and fitness are the two things that concern people every time. Health and fitness facilities are everywhere, and people are visiting fitness centers to keep themselves fit. There are times when people cannot join the fitness center because of the busy schedule. Fitness centers send their customers tips and other necessary information through SMS to not miss anything. Apart from regular customers, this way of advertising is also efficient in gaining the attention of the people who are fitness freaks.


The finance sector is majorly making use of SMS advertising in which institutions like banks send notifications to their customers about their transactions and other important information about their accounts. Even the people can also inquire about thein transactions through the SMS service.

SMS is also important in terms of security; with every transaction from your account, you get an SMS alert containing the transaction’s details from your respective bank. If you did not make the transaction and still get a notification, you could report the issue to your bank at the very moment.

Food and restaurants

Buying yourself food is now very easy; you don’t have to walk miles to get yourself food if you do not want to cook for yourself. Food delivery services and restaurants are using SMS advertising service to send their menus and special deals of the week. Restaurants and food delivery services follow a specific strategy to contact their customers. They do not keep sending alerts and notifications every time there are special occasions or timings. They send such notices to gain their customer’s attention and increase their sales.

Tourism industry

The tourism industry is now looking forward to using such services more frequently. People get updates about the best vacation destination and their residence arrangements during their stay in a particular place. Online bookings of the hotels are now possible through SMS. People can also get updates on the flight departure timings to their favorite destinations. There were times when people used to go to the airports and know later that their flights were delayed, which was quite upsetting. Through SMS advertising service, you can get updates on the flight departure timings and alerts on the flight delay.

Sports sector

People can get updates on the scores and stats of the match anywhere anytime today. They do not have to be in the stadium or in front of a TV to know the scores; you can easily get updates on the important matches. Sports clubs are also making use of SMS advertising to promote their clubs and attract more students. If you are looking for someone in the UAE to help promote your initiative through SMS, you can use SMS advertising in Dubai to increase your sales and promotion rates.


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