Little Known Facts About Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Nashik.

Little Known Facts About Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Nashik.


Ayurvedaisn’t justan alternative to healing, but ratherit is a science that helpspeople tothe art of livingthat promotesgeneral health and wellbeing of thebody. Itoutlines the righteating habits and lifestyle that mustbefollowed to prevent illnessesfrom attackingour body. According to Ayurvedaall human beings arecreated by five basicelements i.evayu, aakash,jala, agni and prthvi. There are3 doshas that regulate the body,namely vata, pittaandKapha.Each person is unique and has itsindividual, unique balance of Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Nashik doshas.

Panchakarma isthe partof Ayurvedathat does not just eliminatewaste from your bodybut alsoimprovesthe immune systemand balancesthe doshas.Panchakarma is considered to be the best andmostefficienttreatment method for healingthat is used inAyurvedic Medicine.The therapyisrecommended for maintainingphysical and mental health.It is a tried and testednatural therapy for detoxification andrestoring thehealth.

Panchakarma isanSanskrit wordthat translates to ‘fiveactions’. It isextremely individualized and tailoredaccording to the need,because it is based onthebalance of doshas and age, digestionsystem and so on.In accordance with the requirementsof the patientallorpartof the fivekarmas isgiven. Thetherapy helps eliminate excessdoshas as well as balances the effectsofthe doshas . The therapytakes the toxins out ofthe bodyvia theorgans’channels.

Theentire process of panchakarmais comprised of
1) Poorva karma- snehana and swedana
2.) Pradhan karma- itcomprises vamana, virechannasya, basti andRaktamokshan. These are thefivekarmasi.e panchakarma.
3) Paschatkarma- it includesthe post therapy diet


Themain aiminsnehanaorswedana is tohelp bringdoshas in a vitiated state to an eliminationform. Itcan be usedas a therapy that is independentand also aspoorvakarmafrom the shodhanchikitsa.


It’s also knownasOleation is one of thetreatments that are done prior tostarting Panchakarma therapy.As mentioned inCharaka Samhita there are mainlyfour kinds of snehana dravyaconsidered the best for snehan.

1) Ghee (ghrita)
2) Oil (taila)
3) Fat (vasa)
4.) Bonemarrow(majja)

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DadimadiGhrita, Tila Taila the bala tailaGhrita, etc are a few ofthemedicines usedinthe snehana.

Themethod is used to lubricate the entirebodyusing medicated oil/gheeinternally and externally.When the medicated oil/ghee has beenadministered internally , it’s calledthe snehapanam. It’s anvital to perform this procedure in order to achieve Panchakarma.


1.) Internal oleation-
Itincludes consumption ofsnehana dravya in a medicatedorunmedicated form. Itmay or may notbemixedwith other ayurvedicmedicines or food items.The process lubricates thetissuesand other parts of thehuman body.

2) External oleation/massage/abhyanga
Itincludes head massage and body massage, as well asgargle etc with medicated oil.


It is also calledsteam therapy, also known astherapeutic sudation. It’sanother method used prior toPanchakarma.The therapy increasescirculation of blood and removesdirt and toxins that enter the pores of the skinand the body.

It is amongthemost effective techniques that hasbeeninto practice since longback. Itis utilized as ashaman chikitsa and alsoas poorvakarma before shodhan chikitsa. Itis performed onone particular area of thebody or even the wholebody. Themethod for administeringswedanaisn’t always the same as it can be alteredin accordance with the requirementsand requirements of the client.



It is amethod of controlling therapeuticvomiting. Vamana therapyis recommended indoshas called kapha.When the dosha crossesan amount of limit and thentransferred to another location and needs toberemovedcompletely from ourbody. Kaphais foundin the chestregion henceelimination viaan oral pathwayissimple.


Madana phala  Panchakarma Treatment in Nashik can be thebestvamak dravya. Other herbsto use includeKutaja, nimba,yashtimadhu vacha, etc.

The therapeutic emesis comes in twokinds-

1.)Gastric emesis- itstimulates the gastric mucosa , andlater the vomiting centre inthe brain.
2.)Central emesis- itstimulates the medulla in thebrain and the vomiting centerin the brain.

Vomiting is controlled by thean oblongata medulla in the brainandbegins with a lot ofsalivation and nausea.


Theprocedure eliminates the aggravation ofkapha dosha, improvesmetabolism and digestion,helps restore normal health, booststhefunction of senseorgans,improves fertilityandslows the ageing process.


Vamana therapywhen an aggravatedkapha dosha causes diseaseorwhen dominant kapha doeshawith pitta dosha causesdiseases.Vamana therapy is a treatment with certainguidelines and contraindications.


Thetreatment is appropriate fordiarrhea dysentery, fever, or diarrheathat is recent in origin, cough, cold,asthma, tumour,urinary tractdisorder and skin diseases, anorexia or respiratory illness, stomach indigestion,goiter and fibroidetc.


Patientswho have kapha dosha lower thannormalshouldn’t undergovammanatreatment.Women who are pregnant, not havingsnehana karma, agni that is strong(digestive system) people who areunder stress, or hungry, children, old person, weak person, enlargedcolon, intestinal parasitesan enlarged prostate, and so onin these situations, vamana karmamust be avoided.


Virechan (purgation)is the second form of karmainpanchakarma. It isa widelyutilized treatments, especially indiseases caused due topitta dosha that is aggravated. The pittadoesha is removedby force through the anal route.Doshas are eliminated usingless effort and less hasslein comparison to vamana Karma. Itcan also be usedinpitta kapha or vata pittadoshas in which pitta is the dominant. Thetreatment requires adherence to a specificdiet regimens to achieve thenormaleating habits and finishthetreatment.


Virechan drugs include milk, takra, gavakshi, vacha, punarnava, shala, panchmoola, saptala, haritaki, kashmarya, draksha, jyotishmati, vibhitaki, amalaki, abhaya etc.

Depending upon the medicine administeredvirechan comes in two forms2 types
1) Snigdha virechan- meaning ofSnigdha isoily. It ismentioned in the context of pitta.islinked tovata dosha.
2.) Rooksha virechan- itcan be identified when pitta has beenconnected to kapha dosha.


Virechancan be givenconstipation, gout, piles and jaundice. It can also be caused by liver disease ascites, splenomegalydysuria and pain in the largein the intestine, diseases of the urogenitalsystem inmale and female nasal bleeding, etc.


Insufficiency of the digestive system, diarrhea or dysentery, an ulcerin the rectum or emaciatedperson, after excessoleation treatment, wounds etcaresome of the situations wherevirechanis not recommended.


Inearlier times,theurinarybladder (basti) wasutilized as anequipmenttoan enema.This is why the name of theprocedure is basti Karma.

Basti isa particular treatmentforayurvedic panchakarma.In this medicated ghee,decoction, oil, etc.are administeredthrough rectal,vaginal and urinary routes. Itboosts immunity and improvesthe general health of a person. Vatadosha is the cause ofmany diseasesand basti karmais the treatmentpreferred for relaxingvata dosha.Hence it is describedas ‘ardhaChikitsa’ .


vstinaa diiyte itih vsti : | |

Theadministration of medicine usingthe basti, or even vasti(urinary bladder) isknown as basti karma.

One or more of theherbs, decoctions of herbal origin, medicated oil,or similar, mamsarasa, rakta and variousmedicines in the form ofliquids are used based onthestate of health of theperson.


Jeevaka, rishabhaka, jeevanti, guduchi, gokshura, bala, draksha, shatavari, shatpushpa, yashtimadhu, amalaki, brihati, dadima,pippali, vidanga, adraka, musta, nimbi, kutaja etc are used for basti karma.


1.) Expels thedoshas, which are a scourge.
2) Pacifies theaggravated doshas.
3.) Acts as aphrodisiac forthose who suffer fromsemen depletion.
4)Works for putting onthe weight and controllingweight gain and managing obesity.
5)Prevents prematuregreying.
6)Helps to provide proper nourishmentandgrowthfor the human body.
7) Enhances immunity
8)Enhances quality of livingandincreases life span.

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