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Thousands of new products and services are created every year. However, not all of them stay on the market for long. Without a proper advertisement campaign and investments, the brand might stay unnoticed. That is why selecting the right medium for advertisements is essential for reaching the target audience and boosting sales.

Previously, nearly all the advertisements were posted in the newspapers and magazines, showed on TV, and played on the radio. These days, the traditional mass media means are still used for advertising though not as frequently as before. Instead, online platforms and websites start gaining momentum and attract more advertisers.

The way the ads are posted on the web resources has also undergone a lot of changes. Stylish banners with highlighted text and bright colors were once in fashion. They are still present on many websites though not so many people are paying attention to those. Consequently, the effectiveness of banner utilization has recently been questioned.

Marketers have become much more careful and less invasive when reaching out to the target audience. The use of native ads is one of the most popular trends that has shown amazing results. Native advertisement units are cohesively incorporated into the website structure and style without any discomfort or distraction for a reader.

Native ads create profit for webmasters and also appear very effective for advertisers. Meanwhile, a native advertisement helps both of them to cooperate fruitfully. With LuckyAds, advertisers find suitable websites for their ads, while webmasters obtain great opportunities to monetize their content.

How Advertisers Benefit from Native Ads

Even though native advertisement is a relatively new way of promotion, many marketers tend to rely on it heavily. Once consumers get tired from distractive ads on the web, the solution has arrived immediately. It was decided to try incorporating the information about the product naturally so that it goes in line with the text.

The main goal of the native ad is to be different from the traditional advertising form. Instead of pushing a consumer to buy something immediately, native ads are addressing the audience unobtrusively. They are giving a hint about the product or service and how it might be useful for consumers.

Similar to other forms of advertising, native ads have a range of benefits for brands.

Brand awareness

Any form of advertisement is aimed at attracting larger audiences and increasing brand awareness. Native ads are not an exception, but the way they enhance brand awareness is just outstanding. People are more likely to remember the brand name when the products and services it offers correlate with personal interests.

Positive perception

According to multiple surveys, around half of users do not perceive native ads as actual ads. That comes from the native ads being naturally incorporated on the website, matching the style of the page. As they do not seem pushy, users do not feel any pressure or distraction. Consequently, the attitude towards native ads is much more positive among consumers.

Within such circumstances, the perception of the brand becomes positive. As a result, the number of visitors coming to the brand website would be higher. This has a great potential to increase the conversion rate and profits.

Design responsiveness

Some years ago, desktop users constituted a major part of the audience. However, it must be noted that the focus is shifting towards the utilization of tablets and mobile phones recently. That is why webmasters pay a lot of attention to create websites according to responsive design principles.

Usually, ads are coming as an addition to the website content, so they might not be displayed properly on mobile or tablet. Native ads are designed and incorporated in the way that users will certainly come across them on the web page on any device.

How webmasters take advantage of native ads

According to recent statistical data, every 3 out of 4 webmasters already have or would like to implement natives ads on their pages. There are several reasons to take advantage of native ads.

Easy implementation

In terms of design, not much effort is required to create a native ad. There is no need to design new concepts totally from scratch as the style of the native ad has to match the website’s one.


The click-through rates of native ads are usually higher than those for other forms of advertisement on the web. Thus, placing native ads is a great way to monetize the content on your website.

Types of native ads

The evolvement of technology is evident, so new ways of how native ads become visible for users appear. Anyway, the main concept remains the same – to keep the native ad coherent with the environment it is placed in.

In-feed ads

This form of native advertisement is common for social media platforms with the news feed. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms in the world as they have the greatest amount of active users these days. Thus, you have probably noticed how the ads are incorporated into the posts or stories.

Users do distinguish in-feed ads, though their perception remains positive as these posts or stories do not appear out of the ordinary. Furthermore, these in-feed ads show up based on the user interests.

Content recommendations

This native ad type is probably one of the less intrusive ones. Content recommendations usually appear at the bottom, in the middle, or on the side of the page that the user is viewing. These article suggestions are also related to the content of the current page.

In-game ads

Game development is a very powerful industry these days. There is a range of game applications suitable for various demographic sectors. In-game ads come as images or short videos incorporated into the application. Sometimes, developers create promotional mini-games that contain information about the promoted product or service inside.

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