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With the advancement of technology and other developments, it is now easier to repair the damaged phone rather than replace it. There are so many areas that are being repaired to avoid the high cost of buying new ones. Smaller phone update tasks are very easy to solve, such as cracked LCDs, water damage, or blocked headphone jacks. Most of the time, you need services from the phone repair tucson, but sometimes you can repair minor problems in your home by following some guidelines. However, repairing your phone certainly costs less than buying the new phone.

In the summer season, water damage is a common problem for most people. Often, you unwittingly wash your cell phone or drop it in the sink or bath with water. The solution is easy if you take some quick steps. The only way to save your phone from water damage is with its quick actions. Here are some tips on how to deal with water damage from your phone.

Make Minor Repairs to Your Phone

1- The first thing to do is to remove the phone from the water and turn it off to avoid short circuits. It is very important to take the phone out of the water quickly and turn it off or simply remove the battery to avoid serious damage. Any delay in your actions can cause you to replace the phone.

2- The second step after turning off the power by turning it off is to remove the battery from the phone. Also remove the SIM card if you have a GSM operator. Never heat your SIM card, just wipe it with a soft cloth or towel and place it in a safe place.

3- After removing the battery, wipe the battery and the phone with a paper towel or a simple cotton towel. Dry the surface well and do not forget that water should penetrate the phone. Shake the phone to remove water from the inside of the phone. Wipe the surface again.

4- It is recommended to keep the phone on any towel or paper towel the night before trying to turn it on. You can also place your phone in sunlight to dry. But make sure the sunlight is not strong enough to further damage the phone’s components.

5 – After waiting a day or so; Replace the battery and test your phone. If it still does not show any signs, remove the battery and connect the phone with the charger without battery. If it shows signs, change battery.

6- In some cases, the light on the LED buttons appears, which means the phone is working well and needs a drier treatment. But if your phone does not show signs, it is better to take your phone to the mobile repair technician and tell him about the whole situation and the treatment he has performed. They can solve the problem for you.

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