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Many are still quite skeptical when it comes to email campaigns.

They think that the time of communication via e-mail has passed. Now there are more and more cluttered inboxes and almost every brand tends to overwhelm their target group with both important and unimportant messages.

However, when you really have something to offer and add value, no matter how many companies “compete” for the attention of potential customers, you can be the one to form your loyal community and increase activation rate and sales.

You just have to do it the right way.

It must sound easier than it really is, right?

You probably expect that you will need big teams and huge budgets. On the contrary, you only need good tactics.

Harry Dry is the founder of MarketingExamples and one of those people who succeeded in creating an amazing newsletter strategy. He gained over 20k e-mail subscribers without any ads and connections!

His story is entirely shared on his website, and we will now further clarify it.

Find your target audience

Finding the right audience is one of the most important steps when it comes to business strategy.

You can have the most amazing content, but if it isn’t delivered to your future buyers, you will get no results.

In order for the right people to find out about your brand, you have to share content on certain social media where they are already present.

When he started e-mail marketing, Harry didn’t have a single subscriber, only to reach 19,000 people in a year who were interested in what he had to offer.

At the beginning of each process is thorough research.

While researching, he found out where his target group spends the most time. In his case, they were different groups, mostly present on Facebook, Reddit, Slack, LinkedIn.

Source: MarketingExamples

In this way, the question “Where to post content?” got its answer.

This tactic is simple but effective and it will give you important directions. These directions will help you to share content with your target audience.

Customize the content

The platform algorithm does not respond well when it comes to distracting people from the platform itself. People also don’t like you wasting their time, leaving the platform they’re on at that moment and interrupting their job to see what it is that you have to offer.

That’s why a bunch of links and a reference to a website is out of the question.

Content must conform to the policies of the platform on which you post content.

For example, Reddit also supports longer forms, Twitter does not allow a large number of characters, and Facebook is a platform where a combination of shorter text and striking visuals works best and most efficiently.

This is what you need to take into consideration when you want to interest the audience and encourage them to really pay attention to what you are offering.

At the end of a post that has already offered added value, it’s time to include a CTA that will invite people to subscribe to your email list if they want to get more useful information from you.

This catchy, converting, and frictionless pop-up prompts its visitors to subscribe to his email list. 

Source: MarketingExamples

Too much aggression, false promises, and similar will not bear fruit, at least not in the long run.

If your post is important enough and interesting to your target audience, they will not allow themselves to miss anything of what you have to offer them.

Encourage people to share

Maybe you don’t like the idea of begging people to share your content, but if you do that in the right way without being annoying, you can get pretty great feedback.

What is the best practice to use?

First of all, be honest with people.

Harry showed in a simple way how it took him a while to compose a post and that he would be grateful if people shared it with others to whom it could mean something.

Source: MarketingExamples

Thanks to this kind of approach, others will be happy to share content that was useful to them. Given that people connect most with those with the same interests, your content will come across a number of people who will find it relevant.

In addition, sharing content on social media increases your chance of acquiring good backlinks. And considering that 98% of all content online has zero backlinks, sharing is key.

Connect with other members

It is very important to connect with people on social networks and on the Internet in general. Everything is based on communication and connection.

People have been participating in a digital world for quite some time and they can easily mark you as someone who is interested only in advertising himself. When they start looking at you this way, you may lose a lot of credibility and trust. 

You have to watch your methods and behavior on social media.

If you expect people to share your content, comment, and participate in communication, do the same.

If you constantly just promote yourself, you will be characterized as spam, not as an equal member of the community.

Thanks to this Harry’s tactic, email subscribers have grown steadily:

Source: MarketingExamples

Sharing valuable content is not enough if it isn’t done in the right way. Communication should be a two-way street.

Why was this tactic so successful?

Let’s summarize these steps:

  1. Find places where your target audience spends most of the time.
  2. Create valuable content.
  3. Adjust the form of the content to match the platform on which you are publishing it.
  4. Include adequate CTA.
  5. Encourage people to share your content.
  6. Show that you are an equal member of the community.

The success of this simple tactic, in addition to publishing quality content, lies in a good plan and consistency.

After people share your content, be there to thank them, ask them what they think about it, whether they would add or subtract anything. Communication is an important segment for building strong connections with the target group.

When people really become your subscribers, your emails must be just as good or even better than the content they primarily subscribed to.

Many businesses today run e-mail marketing campaigns. E-mails are constantly arriving in mailboxes. Notifications notify of every new e-mail. As time goes by, people start unsubscribing or forgetting to read newsletters.

That’s why you need to be better each day and create something that none of your subscribers would like to miss.

Maintain their trust, and your community will grow constantly.

The bottom line

Content that intrigues your target group is a major and therefore an indispensable part of marketing and CRO strategy.

But to get that content to those that could find it useful, you need well-crafted tactics.

You can also invite visitors from your website to subscribe directly to your email list using exit-intent pop-ups.

Good tactics definitely lead to great results and now it’s your turn to apply them!


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