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There are a lot of common things men and women both experience when it comes to a relationship. But the opinions of men may differ to a woman in the same relationship. And if we talk about relationship needs and wants psychologists have found that it differs from each other, particularly women’s needs, and wants to seem to differ from the men. In INDIA where all respect each other customs and culture there are very rare chances that your needs or wants would match with your partner. Marriage bureau service

 marriage bureau

Therefore, the marriage bureau in Ludhiana  is established with worldwide services to make the best match for the bride and groom belongs to the Punjabi family. If you belong to Punjabi or Sikh family you will feel much better know and understand the wants of your partner in a relationship. 

A Physical Connection

The topmost thing we all secretly want in a relationship is a passionate physical connection. We should not confuse physical connection to sex – a physical contact, intimacy, non-sexual connection with the partner is also a part of a physical connection. It could be touch a on arm, back or it can be playing with your partner’s hair. Also, tell them how attractive they are.


Various  marriage service  providers found that men want RESPECT, and also women want to feel respected by their partner. It has become the want of new generation couples because it has discovered the respect factor between couples for the last some decades has deteriorated. Above all we all associate respect with love and acceptance. So, make sure to show respect and accept respect.

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We all crave approval. For us, approval means acceptance, in that we feel fully accepted and you will be able to fully form a healthy connection with your partner. We all thrive for praise, especially in a relationship it is the foundation to show praise. 


We most of the time crave togetherness and at the same time, we also want independence. People want space in their connection. Since childhood, we all taught to be independent thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders that all is only possible if we live in independence. Men and women want freedom in a relationship to pursue their hobbies or even studies. They also crave to be more mindful and self-introspects to sort out their thoughts and feelings. 


If we combine all the things what things we want more in a relationship: security. It is been found in studies men want more security than women, in both ways romantic and non-romantic. They need to know they are accepted, respected, loved for everything they are. 

Even men and women secretly want love, respect, physical connection, independence, intimacy but security is the most secretly want a thing in a relationship. 


Try to look for the best partner to get marry or looking for a prominent marriage service provider near to your place. We hope you know better now what we all secretly want in a relationship through this article.

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