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MBA In The US: Eligibility And Requirements

MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is the postgraduate course carried over at various business schools in the world. Everyone wants to get admission to top business schools. But it is not an easy task instead its quite challenging for both student and family in terms of score and money respectively. The topmost business schools are there in the USA and taking admission there is quite a lengthy process. But the basic question that keeps on revolving around everyone’s mind is the eligibility, procedure to take admission, or is work experience necessary for MBA? Hence, it is important to know the detailed procedure to take admission to US Business School.

Eligibility and requirements to take admission:-

  • Proficiency in the English language: To take admission in any foreign university, it is necessary to score good in IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) according to the requirement of the respective university or business school.
  • GMAT or GRE: GMAT refers to Graduate Management Admissions and GRE refers to Graduate Record Examination. These are the test to take admission in Post Graduate or Post-doctoral studies. The admission is given after considering the cut of every university.
  • Minimum years of education: The admission under these universities require the student’s minimum 15-16 years of education. And normally Indians easily met this condition as in India schooling is for 12 years and then graduation is for 3 or 4 years.
  • Practical experience: It is necessary to gain work experience especially for medical lines. This will increase your chance of admission.
  • Statement of purpose: It is the key to your admission as it is all about impressing the reader with your story and purpose to take admission. Important point is to keep it concise and it should be well-written and effective.
  • Letters of recommendation: Some universities seek a letter of recommendation before giving admission to any student. This should be made by your most trusted professors as it covers your complete list of achievements and work done by you.
  • The holistic view of application: This is the step where all the above documents are tied together with the application form and this bundle will decide your future. Moreover, you need to keep these forms with you at all the stages of the screening process.

These are the basic requirements to get admission to your desired universities but the only condition is that you should meet the cut off concerning various universities. Moreover, apply to some desired universities only after thorough research and their requirements which matches your performance or you’re capable to meet. So, don’t commit any mistake while rushing to all universities and hence, target two or three universities.

Moreover, there are various advantages to study at these business schools as it will open up various job opportunities for you as these schools not only focus on your academic part but also build up your personality and enhance your ability to fit in the professional world. This will also boost up your confidence and you can easily achieve your desired targets or goals. This is why you never miss an opportunity to study at US business schools.

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