Memes & Trending stories

Memes & Trending stories

Memes & Trending stories are among the most viral posts on Instagram. Get in the know about what’s trending on Instagram by checking out what’s trending on Instagram.

An inspiring selection of trending stories includes that of model Adebisi who’s raising money to raise awareness about her child, a teen whose goal is to inspire teens, and parents who are raising their children to respect and care for others.

Memes & Trending Stories


This meme is a playful dig to trending video game Final Fantasy XV, from the gaming sensation that is the immensely popular Final Fantasy series.

“I was out with my girlfriends today and my friend wanted to take a photo with me but first she had to buy me a soda (for me to get in my face)” wrote hashtag twimble.


Michel Wobbleface Winklevoss, aka The Winklevoss Twins, wrote about the ups and downs of raising a child.

“I was sitting in my recliner just enjoying a moment on my cell phone when I hear my daughter in the back of the house singing the alphabet with my precious baby brother. She’s such a proud big sister.”


This one made a lot of people think.

“In this day and age of technology and social media, I guess it’s a normal thing to hate someone on Instagram, but this is ridiculous,” wrote hashtag Tinderhate.


This meme shows that even though you do have many different things to complain about, at least you have so much to celebrate.

“It’s not just the taxes or the noise of the neighbor, it’s the little things in life,” wrote hashtag twuckleitup.


It’s a fact that a lot of people still think memes are crazy. But the truth is, some of these memes are simply trends.

One of the more popular meme trends on Instagram in 2016 was the ever-popular, “Crying With You,” that sparked many stories of couples who now appear to be happily engaged in their marriages.

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