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Mermed Australia

Mermed Australia is a manufacturer and provider of cost-effective and innovative healthcare solutions that advance the health and safety of patients and medical professionals in Australia’s healthcare system.

Since 1990, Australia has become the leading supplier in specialised labels for medications and surgical instruments, as well as ergonomic furniture and workstations for sterilising medical equipment.

Company founder Tony Mercieca saw the necessity to advocate for the interests of all stakeholders in the healthcare industry; patients and healthcare professionals alike. He saw that technology and research were the keys to innovation and now their products are used by some of Australia’s largest public and private hospitals, medical centres, dentists, and dental surgeries. They also have a range of products that are used by veterinarians and veterinary surgeries.

Mermed is consistently adding new products and services resulting from their investment in technology and innovation. They constantly invest in technology and research to create innovative products that protect patients and staff. Their surgical and medical supplies and services are designed to streamline medical procedures and eliminate risk.

Their high-quality products comply with all the standards set out by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare as well as the Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Their product range includes:

  • Anaesthetic Labels to ensure patient safety by eliminating the risk of injecting incorrect medications into patients undergoing procedures.
  • IV (Intravenous) labels to ensure the accuracy of dispensing IV fluids
  • Barcode labels to trace the life and sterilising cycles of surgical trays and instruments
  • Surgical Label sheets customised to label instruments required for specific surgeries. 
  • Labels for sterilising departments to identify items, including washable tags for identification of trays and instruments for maintenance and return to other departments
  • Ergonomic furniture such as workstations and shelving for inspecting and packaging sterile instruments
  • Ergonomic sinks for surgical equipment cleaning
  • Thermoforming machine for automated packaging.

Mermed is experienced, we’re proudly committed to world’s best standards. Their depth of experience guides their customer philosophy. They understand that safety and wellbeing are imperatives that can only be addressed by a commitment to quality products, precision, excellence in customer service and flexibility. This is their promise to the customers.

Mermed understands that in an industry as vast and important as the Australian Healthcare Industry, they can’t stand still – they need to be forward-thinking. Their dedication to research and leadership in innovative thinking and technological advancement means the company best positioned to advance the safety and wellbeing of stakeholders in the Healthcare sector.

Mermed use the latest technology to ensure our solutions and products were designed and manufactured with absolute precision. As local manufacturers, they are able to provide a level of service that other suppliers can’t. They supply quickly and efficiently without the requirement for minimum orders and have the flexibility to offer customised products and tailored solutions.

  • They are flexible because they value every customer;
  • They are responsive, honest, and transparent because they are committed to world-class service
  • They customise products and services because they understand customer’s needs.

At Mermed Australia they’re looking forward. They want to be the standard-bearers in innovation, invention, and customer responsiveness. They’re committed to introducing new products and innovative solutions that improve the quality of service delivery in Healthcare.

Mermed is consistently adding new products and services resulting from our investment in technology and innovation. For example, they now provide a state-of-the-art clean room and facilities for automated packaging. The hiring of the new facilities is accompanied by training, orientation, and the option to use Mermed Australia staff. Their rates and terms are competitive and the facilities are available on weekends and outside regular business hours.

If you need a cost-effective and innovative healthcare solution for the safety of your patients and medical professionals, Mermed can help you out. Visit their website to know more about their products and services or send email directly to this address: 

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