Million Dollar Ideas to Implement in Your Indiegogo Marketing Process

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Million Dollar Ideas to Implement in Your Indiegogo Marketing Process


Your startup can get a perfect uplift if you are planning to begin things with an Indiegogo campaign. It will require absolute focus and effort as the competition on such a premium crowdfunding platform is challenging. And, you need to play well if you want your startup to stand out of the crowd and succeed in the long run. Well, not to worry, we have compiled a few winning tips and tricks that most of the Indiegogo experts use. 

#1 Plan well

The foremost part of a successful campaign is to have a result-oriented plan of action. You may have a brilliant vision, but if you haven’t thoroughly planned every single aspect, you are setting yourself up for a big failure. So, make sure to have a detailed Indiegogo marketing road map that also covers the initials, rewards, manufacturing, and backers. 

#2 Be Attention Catching

Did you know that all the Indiegogo PR campaigns have one thing in common, and that is they are entirely inevitable? You can browse them over the channel! Whether it is an insightful video or a captivating title logo or headline, every portion of the campaign should be designed in a manner that it appears inviting to the casual viewers. This will eventually add to the development process of your brand identity. 

#3 Bring in the Social Media

To establish a truly successful campaign, you need to have an impressive count on social media, brand marketing strategy, and PR. What is the most common mistake startups make here is to just run it a few weeks before the launch. However, these are the things that need to be launched before your campaign launch date. 

Suppose you are not clear with the elements of social media or PR. In that case, it is never a bad idea to hire an Indiegogo expert who can build the buzz months before the launch while ensuring that there is already a significant amount of potential audience, by the time of the final launch. The best part about having a professional team doing it is that they don’t leave any medium unturned; they cover Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter-like influencing platforms to share the engaging content to the maximum people. 

#4 Sharing Rewards

Another tip that very startups have implemented to date, but is helpful in several ways is to offer attractive incentives and rewards to the investors. The majority of the elite campaigns consider this a must-have as it pushes the sponsors to invest as much as they can. 

#5 Set a Budget 

Budget is something that is a vital aspect of every process. The same is applicable in the case of Indiegogo marketing as well. Overenthusiastic startups sometimes invest most of their funds in production and rewards, that they are left with a minimal slot for the marketing and PR chores. This is why it is always better to consider an Indiegogo-approved full-service agency that follows a four-phased approach of strengthening the social media, PR, digital marketing, and advertising game to skyrocket the startup presence. 

#6 Give a Personal Touch 

Without any doubt, no one can be more passionate about the crowdfunding campaign than the person starting it. The persuasion and honesty of the spoken words will be unrivaled. So, why not add it to your campaign message? If you have collaborated with any of the Indiegogo experts, then don’t forget to share the news as intensely as possible; so that they can implement in the best way in your pitch video, founder’s story, social media posts, or the emails sent to the investors. 

#7 Set Intelligent Goals

Perhaps, this is an essential element that most of the Indiegogo marketing agencies stick to. That is why they interact initially to know and understand the targets and goals that you want to achieve through the campaign. Remember, a campaign will only achieve its goals if your goals are reasonable enough. So, make sure to compile a list of them to save the time of both ends. 

As mentioned earlier, Indiegogo is a renowned platform for crowdfunding and has already helped millions of businesses to pick up the funds. As you will find countless success stories on it, however, please don’t consider it as a small piece of cake. It ACTUALLY demands passion, continuous research, and hard work!

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