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Today a day without our smartphones is quite boring. The youth generation so much of time in their smartphones, while playing games or using social media platforms or watch the tutorial videos even movies. Many of us have that dream to but a phone, which will offer all the best features with reliable mobile within the budget. So many brands in the market today offer in cheap budget with some best features, so that the customers enjoy using it.

In our earlier days, the phone is used to only to communicate with our family members, friends, and relative those live in long distances. Nevertheless, as time passes and the invention of technology the phone not only used for communication but also it becomes a learning way with the help of a fast internet connection. There are many brands, which offer quite good features at reasonable prices.

Some Of The Most Reliable Mobile Brands In The Market

Most of the time we prefer reliable mobile with a low budget, which will give us more or less all the features such as good sound quality, camera, battery backup, and long-term services. Nevertheless, you have remembered, it is always better to take a renowned brand phone. To save some money it is not the best deal to buy mobiles at cheap prices which will run no longer than one or two years.

Now I will discuss with all of you about a few top most reliable mobile brands that will run many years with al, the features. Thus without wasting time, let us have a quick look at this matter.

1. Samsung:

Samsung is one of the top most branded and reliable mobile companies. Within your budget, you can get an amazing mobile phone to use. The company serves its services for the last several years. People are very much fond of this company’s phones.

Some of the top most Samsung mobile phones, within 15k rupees to use, are:

  • Samsung Galaxy M21
  • Samsung Galaxy A20
  • Samsung Galaxy M30

All these phones are available under 15k rupees and having the latest features in it. One can buy any of these phones or can buy any other models of Samsung mobile.

2. One Plus:

This brand or mobile is quite costly for the people to buy. Nevertheless, those who do not want to compromise with the phones and does not hesitate to spend money to buy the best phone can go for these reliable mobile phones. With all the feature, and a good capacity to grab the attention of the people.

Some of the top most one plus mobile phones are:

  • One Plus 6t
  • One Plus 6 128 GB
  • One Plus 6t 256 GB
  • One Plus 5 128 GB

3. Realme:

This is another most popular brand company. There are thousands of people around the world are using this mobile. The sound system is very impressive of this phone company. The internal storage is quite lengthy. The front and back camera helps to capture HD pictures and have the entire latest feature for their customers so that they can experience the best result.

Some of the top realme phones are in the market right now:

  • Poco M2 Pro
  • Realme Narzo 10
  • Realme 6
  • Realme 5i

4. Apple:

This is the top most brands in the world. Everyone is fascinated to have this phone. However, for the high prices for a common people is impossible to buy. The attractive look of this phone grabs everyone’s attention and has all the high technology features.

Some of the top apple phones are

  • Apple Iphone 11 Pro Max
  • Apple Iphone 11 Pro
  • Apple Iphone 11
  • Apple Iphone XS


Therefore, here I give some of the best mobile company brand and a few of the models of them for you. If you want to buy any of these phones then you can purchase.

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