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While using any Windows PC such as Windows 10, Surface Pro, or Surface Book Device, users time and again reported issues related to their mouse pointer. Basically, their mouse cursor suddenly disappears from the desktop screen leaving them stuck in between doing important work. So, whoever is reading this blog, if you also encounter such an issue time and again, then do follow the below-mentioned effective solutions to get the cursor back to functioning and to avoid such cursor issues again and again.

However, before starting with the troubleshooting guide; make sure to check all your operating system’s USB Port and Mouse cable, etc to see whether the problem is related to improperly connected cables or not. Actually, the case is, many a time this Mouse Pointer is missing on Windows 10” issue occurs because your Mouse cable might be inappropriately connected to the USB Port. So, it is always suggested to carefully check your mouse as well as your USB port to properly connect them back.

Now, after ensuring and connecting your cables properly, move further to perform the below-given four solutions to fix your “Mouse cursor disappears” issue:


Method 1: Change Mouse setting, if you encounter ‘Touchpad Freezing’

  • Press the Windows key to reach the ‘Search Bar’ from the ‘Start Menu.’
  • In the search bar type ‘Mouse’ to navigate you to ‘Mouse Settings.’
  • Then, select ‘Change Mouse Settings’ from there, and after that, you have to further select the ‘Additional mouse’ options from the bottom of the ‘Mouse and Touchpad’ menu.
  • From ‘Additional mouse’ options, first select the ‘ClickPad tab’ then select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Advanced Tab.’
  • In it, simply turn the ‘Filter Activation Time bar’ back to ‘0’ Seconds, and then finally press the ‘OK button to apply changes in ‘Mouse Settings.’ And, if this doesn’t work, try another method to bring your cursor back to functioning.


Method 2: Uncheck Hide Pointer

  • Sometimes the ‘Hide Pointer’ feature enables itself and because of that, it seems like your Mouse cursor disappears. So, in this case, what you can do is simple uncheck or disable the ‘Hide Pointer’ feature to bring your Mouse Cursor back to functioning, and to do so open your ‘Mouse Properties’ from the ‘Control Panel’ of your O.S with the help of ‘Tab and Enter’ keypad button.
  • In ‘Mouse Properties’ highlights the ‘Pointer’ option with the help of using the same ‘Tab and Enter button.
  • Then, from the ‘Pointer’ option simply select the ‘Hide Pointer’ option and to uncheck or disable it, tap on the ‘Space bar’ key.
  • Now, check whether your mouse cursor working properly or not. If not, then move on to the next method.


Method 3: Re-enable Mouse

  • As given in the above-mentioned methods about how to reach ‘Mouse Settings,’ follow the same steps to open ‘Mouse Settings.’
  • Under it, select the ‘Additional Mouse’ option from the ‘Related Settings’ section to open ‘Mouse Properties Panel.’
  • Then, from the panel, select the ‘Buttons’ tab and from it with the help of pressing the ‘Right-arrow key’ go to the ‘Device Settings.’
  • Under it, check if your mouse device set to disabled or not. And, if it is set to disable then, simply enable it with the help of the tab key.
  • Now, press the ‘Enter’ button to ensure if your mouse cursor issue has been resolved or not, and if not then the last option left is to update your ‘Mouse Driver.’


Method 4: Update the Mouse Driver

  • To update your ‘Mouse Driver’ you need to start with pressing the ‘Win + R’ key to open the ‘Run Dialog Box.’
  • In the box, type “devmgmt.msc” to open the ‘Device Manager and from it, highlight the ‘Mice and other pointing devices’ with the ‘Tab and down arrow’ key.
  • After that, simply with the help of the ‘Right-arrow key’ expand the ‘Mice and other pointing devices’ option.
  • Further, from it, you need to highlight your ‘Mouse Device.’
  • Then open the ‘Context Menu’ by pressing the ‘Shift + F10’ key from the keyboard together.
  • From the context menu, highlight the ‘Update driver software’ option with the help of ‘down arrow key’ and also choose about ‘how do you want to search for updated driver software by selecting ‘Search automatically.’
  • Now, press ‘Enter’ to allow Windows will automatically search and download the latest ‘Mouse Driver’ for your O.S.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest ‘Mouse Driver’ in your Windows Operating system.


That’s it! This is all about how you can fix the “Mouse Pointer is missing on Windows 10 or mouse pointer disappears” issue easily by performing the steps of the given four methods. However, in case of any further trouble, visit the “Way Binary” technical site to get you assisted for the same.

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