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Being a garden owner is the best thing a person can have. Planting plants and saplings, watering them and nourishing them to become trees. The most satisfying job a person can have but in the same way, it has a disappointing side. Can you guess when? When the soil of your garden does not support the plant growth and this situation is faced by many garden owners. There are many methods that gardeners and landscapers can opt for but the ultimate one is the Mulching Procedure. It is an asset for the environment that has an anti-weeding effect that enhances the cultivation of vegetables and plants. Now you must be thinking that how much mulch you should use and which category of mulch is to be used then here you will find out your answer. 

How much mulch to be used!! 

Mulch has organic matter in it and therefore every type, has its unique properties. You cannot solely rely on any one type of mulch. Since you are not a professional in this field, therefore, you have to contact the experts for more guidance. Type the word How Much Mulch I Need and you will be directed to the best site for it. 


Mulch can either be made of organic matter or inorganic material. Organic Mulch includes shredded tree bark, leaves, compost, and decaying hay whereas inorganic mulch includes decorative stones, newspapers and black plastics, etc. You can use as much amount of mulch as possible but some plants are sensitive to it and if at the stage of decomposition, the mulch absorbs nitrogen then it will definitely affect the soil. Therefore, it will be better if you have a look at the amount of mulch being applied to the soil. Thus, it is always suggested that before applying mulch to the soil by yourself you better have a consultation with the experts. 


How Mulch Promotes the growth of a healthy garden!!


After reading the word mulch several times, you must be curious to know why only Mulch? 

Firstly, because it combats weeds- the very common enemy of the plants. The growth of weeds restrains sunlight reaching to the flowers and vegetables thereby hindering their growth. Not only this, but they also consume nutrients and can cause other issues as well. Spread a 2-inch layer of mulch on your soil and watch your plants saying goodbye to the weeds. 


Secondly, it promotes soil texture. Being a gardener, you cannot ignore this fact that the right soil texture will provide a good space for the roots to grow. Thirdly, it conserves water. Applying mulch to the soil increases the water holding capacity of the soil which further helps to retain moisture in the soil in dry seasons- a good method for plant growth. Fourth, it enhances the visual appeal. How your garden looks from distance will definitely be a matter of concern for you. Another astonishing feature of spreading mulch in your garden is that it enhances the look of your garden as well. 


Keeps these benefits in your mind you must go for the mulching procedure. 


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