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People have been talking about the need for the intelligent tools and systems in prospering businesses as a necessity rather than the luxury but not everyone has yet adopted the technology yet. Throughout the lockdown period due to COVID-19 Pandemic, leaders with robust Business intelligence Software leveraged the real-time, accurate data-analysis and inspired the ones who didn’t have the same in their organizations yet to adopt it soon.

Tableau business intelligence software is the one most popular application these days rendering the leaders the ability to analyze their complex datasheets faster and smarter. It not just helps the businesses but is also helping the government bodies to gather the Coronavirus data based on the location and make critical decisions for the citizens. This summarizes the worth of the software that has been accepted globally for its reliable and accurate data rendering ability.

And to keep the expectations on the software always high, tableau business intelligence software companies has come again with yet another exciting and unique feature upgrade that will add to its performance and your analysis of the data. The new features updates of 2020 HAS worth taking notes while you perform analysis using the same.

So, let’s get started with the recent updates in the feature of Tableau BI software:

  • Relationship Tables

Unlike other Business analytics software where after uploading the data, arranging the same as per their unique categorization is the part of manual job only and only after that the data is analyzed by the software, tableau has come with all new features of defining the relationship to the data. Here, you can simply drag and drop the data from any of the connecting resources and the software will automatically place the same as per its defined category. That means no manual efforts needed in arranging the data as per their relationships.

  • Metrics Visualization

Being a marketer, you need to be well updated with the latest trends in the market and to help you achieve your desired business objective and keep you well informed related to the market condition and trends, tableau has brought to you a unique metrics reporting feature. Here, without investing too much of your time in data visualization, the software will automatically create an insightful report showing and suggesting you the current market trends.

  • Data Sharing Control

Now, you can limit the number of users who can view the report or share the report further. This reliable source of truth will help you create a priority list where the information will get shared with only a defined number of people who will have the limited access to share and edit the analytical report.

  • Enhanced Connectivity for Improved Analysis

We all know about the multiple in-built connectors that tableau possess which helps it connect with various sources without any external resource. The tableau makers have now enhanced its connectivity even further with its integration with Oracle and Esri web data connector. This will add to the location enabled feature of the software and which will thus help your geospatial analysis simpler and better. 

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