Jose Altuve, Astros ‘not telling the truth,’ says body-language expert: ‘The whole thing is scripted bull’

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Jose Altuve, Astros ‘not telling the truth,’ says body-language expert: ‘The whole thing is scripted bull’

The Houston Astros in the end made their gamers readily accessible to chat publicly about their signal-stealing scandal on Thursday sooner than a spring practising workout in West Palm Seaside, Fla., and the public reaction to the records convention and clubhouse comments changed into universal trashing.

A form of Astros gamers acknowledged they were sorry for the dishonest, which took place all over their 2017 World Series championship season besides 2018, in accordance with an MLB investigation.

There additionally were denials that Astros hitters had buzzers inner their recreation jerseys in 2019 even if Jose Altuve pleaded with teammates no longer to rip his jersey off after his pennant-successful homer off Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman closing October.

Did this pale strive to take care of all the pieces simply model the Astros are liars besides cheaters?

NJ Arrive Media reached out to 1 of many nation’s top body-language specialists to procure out, and Traci Brown had some glean opinions after studying the proof.

“The total thing is scripted bull,” acknowledged Brown, a Boulder, Colo., resident and feeble nationwide champion cyclist who authored Easy how to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identification Theft.

Brown, who has worked with police, FBI and Navy Inexperienced Beret, studied four Astros videos, three from Thursday’s press convention and clubhouse interviews. She additionally took notes from Altuve’s discipline interview with FOX after his ALCS-successful homer closing year.

She wasn’t buying for the rest the Astros were saying.

“I function notify they’re mendacity in regards to the buzzers,” Brown acknowledged.

Listed below are her findings:


Altuve quote: “(I didn’t want my jersey ripped on narrative of) I’m too horrified. The closing time I did that I purchased in wretchedness with my better half.”

Brown’s thoughts: “He doesn’t indulge in any wretchedness hearing any of the reporter’s questions excluding the one in regards to the shirt. That’s a advise-story of deception. And he answers that quiz in a different draw taking a gape down as he answers. He’s no longer telling the truth right here about why he didn’t want his shirt ripped. And he smiles and laughs about this potentially very incriminating quiz. That’s known as duper’s pride. He thinks he’s getting away with it.”


Altuve quote: “No person on this crew had a buzzer. I don’t know what else to advise about that. MLB did their investigation and so that they didn’t procure the rest. They chanced on what they chanced on in 2017. They did a extremely valid investigation on the buzzer and so that they didn’t procure the rest, so whereas you happen to acknowledged you don’t imagine that I didn’t indulge in a buzzer, you don’t imagine what MLB investigated.”

Brown’s thoughts: “The principle thing he says is that no one changed into busted. That’s the a similar excuse we heard from Lance Armstrong. Note for observe. And he’s shrugging his shoulders a lot. That’s showing uncertainty about what he’s saying. And he’s rolling his lips in over his enamel, which says he’s conserving attend records. And all this is within the main few seconds. He’s leaning on the findings of the investigation, no longer saying what he in actuality did or didn’t function.”


Correa quote: “If I’m mendacity right here, I would lose credibility if something comes out, and that’s no longer what I have to function. You guys know me. I have to discuss the truth on every occasion I’m talking to you.”

Brown’s thoughts: “He nods his head certain a piece as he says nothing in 2019 and he additionally backs a ways from the quiz when asked. He’s looking out for to safe a ways from the quiz and angles himself a ways from the reporter. That doesn’t necessarily model deception, nonetheless I indulge in whereas you happen to add it up with some diversified miniature clues in there, I indulge in there’s a wonderful valid likelihood of it. And when folks advise, ‘ me’ or ‘anybody that is aware of me, that’s one other telltale of deception. Between that and backing a ways from the quiz, I’d advise he’s mendacity about it.”


Alex Bregman quote: “I’m in actuality sorry in regards to the picks that were made by my crew, by the organization and by me. I even indulge in learned from this and I’m hoping to fetch the have faith of baseball fans. I would additionally admire to thank the Astros fans for all of their crimson meat up. We as a crew are completely thinking about transferring forward to the 2020 season. Thank you.”

Altuve quote: “I additionally shall be short. We had a nice crew meeting closing evening, and I have to advise that the Astros organization and the crew feels awful about what took situation in 2017. We especially feel regret for the impact on our fans and the recreation of baseball. Our crew is obvious to pass forward, to play with depth and to deliver attend a championship to Houston in 2020. Thank you.”

Brown’s thoughts: “Right here’s the item: There’s no emotion about that total thing. They acknowledged we are sorry about this, nonetheless they weren’t steady at all. And I’ll let you know what, they’re no longer sorry. They obtained. Just a few fellows were fired. Who cares? They obtained.”

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