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Home Technology Sega unveils Sega Shiro, apparently the son of mascot Segata Sanshiro

Sega unveils Sega Shiro, apparently the son of mascot Segata Sanshiro

Sega has had its portion of a success and never-so-a success mascots (sorry, Alex Kidd, each person knows you tried) over the years, nonetheless few had been as frigid as Segata Sanshiro, the massive title of unhurried ’90s adverts for the Sega Saturn. Segata Sanshiro became a no-nonsense martial arts master who impressed folks to play Saturn games like Sonic R, Intellectual Power 3, and Burning Rangers after severely beating their asses.

Segata Sanshiro had an unprecedented theme track, and he worked out by lugging spherical (and punching) a enormous white Sega Saturn. Although short-lived, he is justifiably more well-liked amongst Sega fans than the lovable center-management mascot Hidekazu Yukawa, a Dreamcast-skills government who became on the receiving end of beatdowns from PlayStation-loving kids in Eastern TV commercials.

For Sega’s 60th anniversary, the spirit of Segata Sanshiro is coming back. Meet Sega Shiro, a brand new firm mascot with an crucial connection to Segata. Maito Fujioka, the actor who performs Sega Shiro, is the trusty-existence son of actor Hiroshi Fujioka, the man who portrayed Segata Sanshiro. Hiroshi Fujioka also can very well be more well-liked for his feature because the distinctive Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo.

Sega Shiro’s cause at Sega is mute a little mysterious. His debut commercial largely has the gorgeous excessive-schooler exhibiting up and shouting “Sega dayo!” However his outfit also contains what appears to be like to be a judo gi draped over his shoulders, no query a reference to the personality’s progenitor, Segata.

On Sega’s web convey, the firm says it has “special relate material” deliberate for June 3, 2020, the reliable 60th anniversary of the founding of Sega.


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