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PayKun: A Cheap Online Payment Gateway for Indian NGOs – Charitable

The NGOs, Trusts and Charitable institutes need to collect donation money for their dedicated cause. And with the onset of the digitalization in the payment system, the most favored technique is using the payment gateway services. You can have a safe and secure way to collect the funds from the donors as well as can provide them with multiple methods of payment options.

It is very much obvious that such organizations would intend that they can provide the most amount of money to the needy for education, food, crisis, etc. In such a situation, getting and spending on the payment gateway services may seem to be expensive. So, they need to carefully choose the payment gateway which provides the good services as well as is very easy on the pocket. PayKun Payment Gateway is one such cheap option and also it is reliable and secured.

PayKun is the best option among the payment gateways due to the various reasons discussed below. It is also the cheapest payment gateway which would need to be an essential quality so that the maximum amount goes to the cause from the donors, fundraisers and public at large. 

It also does not charge any setup or maintenance fees so basically you can obtain it for free. It charges the lowest per transaction fees (TDR) for its cost for the services. This way you can the payment gateway services would be affordable and cost-effective for your cause.


The first and foremost fear is to be able to trust your money with a third party payment gateway. This goes from both sides the NGO/Trust as well as the Donor. PayKun has gained a lot of popularity in a short span of time and is considered to be very reliable. It is a reputed payment processor trusted by many. Thus, it becomes easy to get donations for your cause. The reputation is important for fulfilling the determined cause.


Reputation arrives with security too. The payment gateway should be able to safeguard the payment transfer, the funds as well as the data. PayKun is PCI DSS compliant, in simple terms, it is totally secured. Also, the data is totally safe and secured. Further, it also follows the AES Encryption standards which transfer the data in an encrypted manner during the transaction.

Payment Methods

It should be easy and choosable for donors to donate. They should get the clarity on the payment they made. PayKun provides 120+ payment options including debit cards, credit cards, wallets, UPI, netbanking, etc. And after the payment process they also get the clear transaction status with the transaction details from the PayKun side. This way transparency and trust can be gained and maintained.

The trust/NGO/charitable institutions can also use the payment links, these are like normal links that can be copied/pasted/sent through any possible medium like whatsapp, messenger, etc. 

International Acceptance

In case the organisation is looking to collect funds worldwide from multiple countries and currencies, they can do this with PayKun. It needs to submit the required documents to collect international donations, but if they have them available it becomes very easy to use PayKun.

Onboarding and Settlement time

It becomes essential that the best payment gateway provides its services and facilities very carefully with which the organization would be able to collect payments. And, with the fraudsters and cybercriminals having their eyes on every possible weak spot where they can commit frauds using any possible shields. Collecting donations in the shield of emotional cause is the best possible way for them and so, the payment gateways need to beware of such people. 

However, if the organization has a genuine cause and proper registrations, the onboarding and registration can be done in no time. The settlement cycle is ideal at t+3 working days (t is the transaction date).

How to use PayKun?

It is very easy to use PayKun in various different ways:

  1. If you have a website then you can simply put the Payment Button or an embedded Payment Link/Advanced Payment Link.
  2. You can directly send the payment link to the person/institution who wants to donate the funds.
  3. The PayKun WordPress Donation Version integration kit enables merchants to get donations from different donors. This can be integrated on the website and there is no need to install Woocommerce. It is very easy to use and totally free to integrate.

The process starts with signing up and registering with PayKun. You need to submit the required details and documents and the same will be verified by its team. After the successful verification, the account will be activated and you can start collecting the donations. 

For further information, you may contact its support team through call, email or chat.

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