Online Quran Learning For Kids-A Platform To Learn The Quran With Expert Teachers

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Online Quran Learning For Kids-A Platform To Learn The Quran With Expert Teachers

It is imperative for Muslim men and women to seek knowledge of the Quran and Islam. The parents should start teaching the Quran to their kids at early age under the supervision of an expert Quran teacher. Your child should be self-sufficient to discriminate between good or bad deeds. It only happens if they have basic knowledge of Deen.

An affordable platform for learning the Quran:

I have been living in the USA for the last 10 years. I was looking for an online Quran teacher for my kids. There are many online Quran academies but most of them are very expensive. I want quality education at affordable prices. Luckily, the online academy which is selected was up to the mark.


Experienced faculty members:

The resume of all teachers was available on the website. All the teachers are qualified and hold degrees in the relevant field from the recognized Islamic education universities. I chose the best option for my kids. The online Quran learning for kids is suitable for school-going children to teach the Quran by using a home-based approach.

Convenient facility:

In my opinion, this online platform is the best for learning the Quran for kids because you are not bound to take your kids to a mosque or madrassah. Additionally, I selected the schedule of online classes by analyzing the routine of my kids. The teacher was friendly and flexible to adjust timings according to my will.

Step-by-step approach:

The dedicated teachers design a step-by-step approach to teach the Quran. As Arabic is not our native language, it is important for kids to familiarize themselves with the basic alphabets and rules of this language. The online Quran teacher started from Noorani Qaida to acclimate the kids with Arabic alphabets and how we pronounce them. In the next stage, the teacher focused on how to join the letters. After completing this Qaida, the teacher moved on teaching short verses.

Encouraging teaching method:

The teachers are well-qualified to teach the learners in an engaging way by utilizing the latest teaching techniques. The teacher emphasized on teaching the correct orthoepy and recognition of alphabets. The teacher boosted a spirit of true Muslim in my kids. This structured online Quran for kids’ platform polished the skills of my children.


Self-paced teaching method:

A teacher is said to be an expert when he analyzes the learning capacity of the student. I am glad to tell that the experienced Quran teacher did it. He did not make it a burden for kids to understand and learn rather he moved at slow pace by focusing on the shortcoming of students.

Focus on individual student:

In 1 hour session, the teacher focuses only on my kid rather than too many kids at one time. The one-on-one classes are appropriate not only for kids but also for parents. I keep on monitoring the teacher and my kids during class. The online Quran learning for kids has made my kids confident and independent for reciting the Quran eloquently.

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