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Optimize our Website for Search Engine

We are in a digital stage where everyone depends on the internet for information resources, which may be products, services, or any other thing you can think of. So if you are into digital marketing or promotion, the internet is a necessary end in resourcing clients and getting products on the go.

However, Internet visibility is determined by non-humans, technical codes and machine-dependent intelligence and this is what SEO is about. SEO which means Search Engine Optimization is the process by which you customize your website or optimize your contents in compliance to Google standards algorithm codes in-other to get understood by Google.

Positively, when your website is understood by this algorithm and artificial codes, your website will appear among the first search results in your niche.

Nonetheless, in this post, we will take time to tell you more why your website should be optimized for your interest.

  • Increased Traffics/Visits: Basically, the reason behind website optimization is to increase ranking on google first page. If your website is not contained in Google first page result searches, your website traffic may be below the sea level. Consequently, in-other to improve Google rankings, bloggers and content-developers take to keyword research resources and developing contents based on them. Get the best search engine optimization help here.
  • Optimized Websites enjoy Free Ads: If ever Google algorithm should crawl on your site, understand your content and rank your site, it is likely your site appears on the top five search results. The top 3 or top 2 more likely than not are sponsored ads, i.e they paid google for that position and their ads run for a particular amount of time. However, if you ever earn your presence among those, either through good contents or accurate SEO logistics, it is a big bulk as your website will receive traffic without you paying a dime to Google.
  • It helps your audience locate you: Study says 62% of consumers turn to search engines first when they are resourcing information for products while 41% use them when they are in for purchase. Therefore, if you want your website to show in the search results, especially when someone needs your service, you need to work on SEO.
  • Build Credibility and Authority: I would go online first to search for a company/ products when I see their local advertisements and seeing how their blog or website alone can make me believe them. I have consciously done this many times.
  • Edge over other Competitors: A good SEO would make you have a stronger influence in Google search results, and even if you have a smaller blog or website to your counterpart, your website will appear first before his and this will give you an edge over even better competitors.
  • Excellent User Experience: One of the main major criteria Google algorithm uses in the ranking is users experience, how suitable are your contents to users. This depends greatly on how your website contents are developed and communicated. This will need a little hand of professionalism and tools. However, when you turn out a good user experience with Google, your site will be ranked and when your site is ranked, more traffic and sales.
  • Accountability: Unlike other traditional sources which are comparing ads campaign with sales results, SEO pages are better managed with tools like Google analytics, Affiliates and any other source reforms campaigns. Consequently, mapping out your inputs-outputs results is less tasking.

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