Pension Calculator: How Much Money Required for Retirement?

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Pension Calculator: How Much Money Required for Retirement?

Retirement planning is essential in order to live a stress-free life after retirement. However, you first need to calculate the retirement corpus you will need.

If you want to understand how to calculate the amount of money you will require for life after retirement, then read this article.

Retirement is one of the most important concerns in everyone’s life. Every person tries to save money or invest it in different investment instruments in order to build a retirement corpus. However, one important thing that every person should consider is the amount of money that he/she might require for life after retirement.

Calculating this number can be difficult, but it is important to find out an estimated amount. There are various factors that you need to consider while calculating the retirement corpus, such as-


  • Calculate Your Monthly Expenses


To determine the amount for life after retirement, you first need to calculate your monthly expenses. Calculate your medical expenses, house expenses, etc. Furthermore, you need to calculate the expected expenses for life after retirement. Also, keep in mind the extra expenses that you might incur after retirement.


  • Calculate Post-Retirement Income


Most of the time, people invest in instruments like life insurance and pension plans. These plans provide income after they mature. Therefore, it is recommended that every person should invest in plans that can provide income after retirement.

Furthermore, make sure to calculate the amount of money you might accumulate in savings.


  • Determine an Estimated Amount


Based on your expenses and post-retirement income, you can calculate the amount of money required for life after retirement. 

Many experts recommend that the post-retirement amount should be 15-20 times the annual salary.

Calculating the amount manually can be hard. To make the calculation easy, you can use a pension calculator.

A pension calculator is a tool that calculates an estimated amount you might need for life after retirement. It will calculate the amount based on your inputs. A pension calculator can help you find out the post-retirement amount easily.

How a Pension Calculator Works

In order to use a pension calculator, you need to enter a few details, such as-

  • Personal Details

First, you need to enter a few personal details like your age and the expected age of retirement. 

  • Income

After that, you need to enter your annual salary.

  • Investments and Savings

You are also required to enter the amount of money you’ve saved. Next, you need to enter the details of your investments.

  • Expenses

You need to enter your monthly expenses.

After you enter all the details, the calculator will calculate the estimated amount of money you might need for life after retirement. The calculator will also help you understand how much money you need to save every month in order to build the retirement corpus.

It is necessary to plan for retirement. If you don’t have sufficient funds, then you might suffer from a financial burden. Therefore, it is essential to determine an estimated amount.

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