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PRINCE2 Features for effective IT project management

Effective means that to work for or on something to get the required results. If we talk of the word effective in the context of the project management then it will define the world. There have been made many notable mentions by the experienced and the expert folks in the field of IT projects.

They have stated about the IT projects that they are neither properly managed nor are they timely delivered. Some of them even approached the state saying that reason for the state affairs is not mainly IT.

By getting a PRINCE2 Certification you can effectively manage the IT projects. Now we will take a look at the different aspects of the PRINCE2  certification and will see how does it help in the management of projects.

The AXELOS said that the PRINCE2 certification provides good guidance that provides a person or the whole organization the important things needed to run a project. It is also easy to learn the PRINCE2 and it is a method flexible enough to adapt to every type of project.

So the PRINCE2 is a very flexible framework that can be used by any organization for any kind of project. It will support the project to get to success. Each IT manager dreams of it!

Key elements of PRINCE2

There are major four key elements of the PRINCE2 that are-

  • Themes
  • Principles
  • Project environment
  • Processes

Each of the above-given elements has a place in the effective management of the project. So we will take a deeper look at each of these key elements.


Here are the seven principles of the PRINCE2-

  • Learning from experience
  • Continue the business justification
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Management by stages
  • Focus on the product
  • Management by exception
  • Tailoring to suit the project environment

If you follow all these principles then you will get a strong foundation for the execution of the project. Each of the principles mention above paves a way for the definition of the project objective for the work stages. This is a clarity that will bring to you a plan that will be easy to follow, measure, and also to track.

If a thing is measurable then you can correct it compared to an abstract thought that cannot be corrected. This is one of the essential aspects of the effectiveness of project management. Well, there are two things that will either make or break the project.

These are communication and clarity in the responsibilities and roles. Based on the given principles of the PRINCE2, it is easy to communicate because all use the same vocabulary. This helps in effective communication.

The responsibilities of the role can be identified clearly. There is no chance of misinterpretation or misunderstanding it. This will be a great boost for every kind of project. The individuals are an essential aspect of any kind of project.

The seven principles that were mentioned address the angles to support the individuals that are associated with the project. This will ensure the effective management of the project.


Similar to the principles here also are seven themes that are brought to a project. These are-

  • Organization
  • Quality
  • Business case
  • Risk
  • Plans
  • Progress
  • Change

Each of the themes is well explained which makes it a clear expectation in the life cycle of the project. Having clarity is a better thing to have in the expectation combined with an outline of the requirement. These will a great step in the direction in the effective management of the project.

The three facets of the project are a risk, quality, and changes. These are the facets that one has to deal with good care.


There are seven processes of the PRINCE2 which are-

  • start a project
  • Taking it in the correct direction
  • Initiation of project
  • Controlling of the stage
  • Management of the project delivery
  • Management of the boundaries of the stage
  • Closure of the project

All these are part of the life cycle of projects from the starting till the end. Every process of this has a checklist for the activities, responsibilities, and outcomes. Getting started with something is easy but what gets tricky is the maintenance, measuring, monitoring, and bringing it to a successful conclusion.

The process that was mentioned above aids in the time checking and correction in each stage of the project. It can be said that the PRINCE2 does the role of the metaphorical inner voice that will correct you in the management of the projects.

So if you desire effective management at IT project management then the PRINCE2 certification is all that you need.

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