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Professional voice-overs from text

Synthesys is text-to-speech software that uses actual human voices to speak your voice-over or other text, not artificial voices.

SYNTHESYS is powered by the ultra-advanced Synthetic Speech technology.

This technology has never-been-seen before anywhere in the is also called Professional voice-overs from text

The amount of money, time and other resources that went into building SYNTHESYS was enormous…

…not to mention the money we will be investing in future to keep it on the leading edge.

The ONLY reason we are making SYNTHESYS available at this massively-discounted one-time price is…

… that we want to get it into the hands of any marketer or business owner who wants to maximize their traffic, generate more leads, get more customers, and boost sales.

► Synthetic Speech Technology that is built from real human pro actors speaking hundreds of words, resulting in human-sounding messages.
► Commercial License so you can sell voice-overs to other businesses (search Fiverr to see sample voice-over prices [ they charge by the word, by the way].)
► Choice of 8 professional voices (more are available as an optional add-on)
► Fully Web-Based software so there’s nothing to install
► Credits included with initial purchase allow you to create about an hour of voice-overs. If you run out, just refill your coffer or buy an unlimited plan.

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