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As the summertime is arriving people are taking great care of their skins and themselves to be safe from the scorching heat of the sun. They might protect themselves from it but protecting their smartphones is another task. Sure, the sunscreen can protect your skin and give you a radiant look, but it cannot protect your smartphones. it is you that has to take care of it and keep it safe and away from the heat.

Here are some easy tips that can keep your Android or iPhone cool, but people overlook them. make sure that you follow these tips:

Avoid direct sunlight:

This is the most important thing to consider. It is understood that when you leave your smartphone in the sun It is going to heat up. The thing that you have to take care of is that while going searching for the sunniest spot you should not keep your phone with you. Otherwise you need cell phone repair visit. it is advised that leaving your phone at home is the best thing to do before going to the beach. Now we understand that this is a difficult task and you cannot stay away from your phone for a long time but for the safety of it this is very important. It is also advised to keep your devices away from the dashboard, armrest, or seat of the cars.

Avoid putting a strain on your battery:

No one likes a lot of light going inside their eyes and damaging them. That is why it is suggested that the display’s brightness should be lowered. It is good for your eyes and also good for the battery of your devices. The display of smartphones puts a ton of stress on the battery so if you have to avoid overheating or want your phone to work for a long time you should do this. Some people do not like to lose screen visibility so they should set their phone brightness to auto. In this case, the phone will automatically get brightened in a dark place.

One flaw of setting your phone to automatic brightness is that it will detect a change in ambient light and will boost the brightness in seconds. This might seem like a good idea but in order to economize the power consumption, you should not leave this to the phone’s software and handle it yourself. As you know what kind of brightness you would like for your eyes so setting it yourself is a good thing to do.

Close power-hungry apps:

There are many people that do not know about the battery use tool. It is available in both iPhones and contemporary Android phones. This tool is very beneficial and helps you to visualize and keep track of your phone’s battery according to the usage of applications. sometimes you do not clean your phone and the big power-hungry apps are not shut down properly. they are the main reason for your battery’s overall workload. In order to keep the battery cool, you should close these power-hungry apps. You should use slimmer apps that do not consume so much battery. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. that refresh themselves also consume a good amount. Keep track and make your phone run smoothly.

Taking the phone out of its protective case

A protective case is very good for keeping the smartphone safe, but it is very important to give your phone room to breathe every now and then. Some people do not consider it a very option as they fear the unexpected, but this helps to keep the temperature of your devices down. When you are out in the scorching sun, you should consider giving your device breaks and take it out for a while. This way the heat index won’t rise exponentially, and the temperature of the battery will remain cool.

Don’t put your phone in the fridge or freezer

There have been cases where the users put their phones in the fridge or freezer and regret it later. This should be kept in mind once and for all that this is a bad thing and you should not do it in any case.

The freezer might succeed in dropping the phone’s internal temperature, but it will ruin the hardware. This will happen due to the moisture or from the extreme fluctuation of temperature.


These are the things that one should avoid in order to keep the phone safe and run for a long time. Protecting the device is more important than using it.

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