Purpose of the Visitor Pass Management System

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Purpose of the Visitor Pass Management System

Visitors are important in every organization. If there are visitors, there’s always a requirement for a visitor management system. Visitors aren’t just limited to office spaces. A visitor pass management system requires a visitor E-badge. It’s fundamentally a printed piece of paper on which office visitors have their names, along with some other relevant details including a small photograph.

So let’s discuss “Are visitor passes secure for the workplaces”? Office visitor E-badges includes the following visitor information;

  • Visitor Name
  • Visitor Photo
  • Date and Time of Check-in
  • Expiration Date
  • Visitor Type
  • Visitor Details
  • Your Company Logo
  • Other Guest-Specific Info

What the purpose of the Visitor Pass Management System?

The digital badges are generated with the small print of the person, the purpose for what they need visited ,collected alongside an image of them. Visitor passes are great for confirming that your visitors are present in your office. They wear the badge to point out to everyone on-site that they’re a licensed visitor. However, visitor identification isn’t the sole motive behind making your visitors wear a badge.

Here are of a number of the opposite reasons you ought to be looking into: 

Identification tool: The passes increase the safety of any building. By issuing your visitor with a badge, it ensures that NO unauthorized people are on your site.

Emergency purposes: Within the event of a fireplace, a visitor tag can act as a fireplace Register.

Auditing purposes: In the secure offices, food production companies, schools and various manufacturing sites, etc, they need to stick to additional regulations and therefore the visitor passes allows for the visitors to be audited.

All of the reasons might point towards a very well handled system of managing visitors that walk into your office reception area.

A visitor pass management system is for the safety of your employees and team members and there are a couple of loopholes during a visitor pass that must be taken into consideration.

Let’s begin by understanding a touch more about the visitor badge first. 

What are the main sorts of Visitor Badge? 

In the present business scenario, there are two main sorts of visitor passes. These being

Common Visitor Passes: These passes are common to every visitor type and every visitor. All a visitor must do is check in to the visitor’s book and therefore the receptionist/front desk office hands them a visitor badge. This badge has just a logo (or not even that sometimes) of the corporate and “Visitor” written in bold on the front of the badge.

E-badges: The E-Badges are generated and sent to visitors via an SMS with complete information and data is stored during a secure cloud server. this is often an eco-friendly solution that saves paper.After this, the visitor, also because the host, are notified about the meeting then supported the supply of the host, can approve/disapprove the meeting using Visitor PASS.

Customized Passes: These passes have a far better approach. A visitor pass template is fixed by the business heads and knowledge that’s fed into a VMS or a Logbook, by the visitor at the time of check-in, is added to the visitor badge. Here’s how it’s.

So, to conclude, a visitor pass may be a necessity to trace any sort of office visitors. Although, alone it’s helpless. But, if you mix it with a deadly visitor tracking software then there’s no messing together with your businesses ever again. the entire process of digitization with E-badges can give your company a huge boost in overall security while ensuring the security of employees and visitors.

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