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Questions to ask when translating your online learning course

E-learning or online learning is a vast domain and has various aspects to its definition. E-learning encompasses a wide spectrum of online initiatives and can be defined as imparting and facilitating skills and information using electronic technologies to access educational or training content to learners. Electronic devices such as computers, laptops, or phones utilizing the internet or streaming media to deliver content to the users can be thought of as an e-learning activity.

With the motive of empowering learners irrespective of their geographic location, E-learning has proved to be versatile and hence, is being widely used for all types of learning methods. Web-enhanced learning makes the information easy to grasp, is more interactive, and is cost-effective, making it a quick and comprehensive way of learning!

As the world is becoming globalized each day, E-learning is emerging as one of the most accessible and easy-to-use learning processes. With the rising demand, the content requires to be translated and localized to the needs of the target market. As people are adapting to the use of online courses to enhance their knowledge and skills, organizations are looking to translate the content so that:

  • The course can be made available in the local language of the user:

Organizations know that there is a vast market of non-English speakers that is yet to be tapped. Hence, the translation demand has increased significantly so that people can grasp the information in their native language.

  • Increased Return on Investment:

Creating E-learning content requires months of hard work and huge investments. Hiring training experts who can deliver the lesson is pretty expensive. Therefore organizations seek to translate the same content and re-use it to increase their productivity and ROI.

As the world is full of different languages and cultural contexts, it is important to analyze the ELearning translation company before hiring. Here are 7 important questions to ask the agency if you are trying to get your E-learning content translated:

  • Is the language agency certified and well experienced in the E-learning domain?

You must search for language service providers who are certified and professional with rich experience in the domain for which you require the translation. With a plethora of agencies online, you must analyze and look out for translation agencies with high specialization and extensive industry sector experience.

  • Are the translators native and domain experts?

Targeting and adapting your course to the native language of the audience is possible only when the translation is done by professionals who speak the local language and can understand the context of the content to be translated. The translators should be well aware of the terminologies and should have rich experience in translating the E-learning content.

  • Does it have the proficiency to work in your target language?

If you are trying to target a global market for your online content then your content has to be translated in various languages. Therefore it is important to consider the language agency’s experience in translating in various languages. Proficiency and experience in the language that you are targeting are key factors to integrate and efficiently complete the translation project.

  • How well structured is Process management?

Having a consistent conversation with the project team is a requirement while getting your content translated. There should be a systematic process followed by the language agency to ensure an accurate and precise translation. A well built, robust project management process can manage the translation work better and around the clock available team can help you with your queries, anytime, anywhere!

  • Does it have a quality policy in place?

There should be a well placed and structured quality policy to make sure that you receive flawless and error-free translated documents. A good translation agency will always have a strategic multi-tiered quality policy that will look after the translation, proofreading, review, and quality analysis. The expertise of any translation company is determined by how strong its quality policy is and how does it implement its quality assurance.

  • Can it deliver under a tight schedule?

Working and delivering under tight deadlines is a quality you must check before making a final call. At times, you may have to get the translation done within short notice, and hence, you must ensure that the translation agency has the expertise to accommodate your project according to the deadlines and provide you quality translations at a quick turnaround!

  • Is the agency cost-effective with a solid feedback mechanism?

You must take into account any graphic or DTP services that you might require for your E-learning module and should be taken into the additional charges before asking for a quotation from any agency. It is better to analyze different costs of agencies beforehand and you must also look out for translation vendors who can offer you revision in case any change is required in the later stages.

LanguageNoBar is a certified and premium Language Service Provider, offering translation, transcription, and localization services in more than 150 languages. We have a network of native and subject expert translators and linguists who are highly specialized in their respective domains and will provide you the highest quality translations at a rapid turnaround time. As LanguageNoBar offers professional translation services in India, we follow a multi-tier quality policy to ensure that you get accurate and error-free documents and assure you the utmost confidentiality of your documents. You can contact our helpdesk 24*7 for any queries or questions.

Translation of E-learning courses requires an understanding of every element of the content and the market, hence the process of finding a trusted translation agency can help you offer massive opportunities globally!

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