Questions To Ask Yourself Before Throwing Away E-waste:

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Throwing Away E-waste:

Waste is meant to be thrown away, right. What is waste? In simple words, waste is anything that is of no use to you or anyone else anymore. No one would want to keep any such thing with them, which is of no use to them. So, throwing the thing away is what people do. Waste is supposed to be dumped, but does each kind of waste’s fate go into a dumpster? The regular waste like empty wrappers, bottles, plastic, peels, etc., are supposed to be thrown away in a trash can. But what about the electronic appliances and devices that are of no use and are damaged beyond repair? If the appliance is of no use to you, does it mean it is no use to anyone? If you have a damaged piece of machine, or an electronic appliance or device, you need to ask yourself some of the following questions before deciding to throw them in a dumpster.

How severe is the damage?

 The appliances can be treated as per the damage caused to them. If the damage is not that much, you can always take the device for services so they can repair it. If you do not want to use the appliance anymore because you have bought a new one or it is no of no use to you anymore but is still functioning, do not think to throw it. You can trade it for a new appliance or device, or you can sell it to someone who might use it. And if the damage is beyond repair, do not throw it in that case as well because it will lead to e-waste, which is not good for the environment. 

What are you going to do with it?

If the electronic device is not useful to you anymore, the first thing you would want to do with it is throwing it. But have you considered your other options? You can trade the old device for a new one or sell it to another person. You can even choose the option of donation. You should also know that even a completely damaged device can be useful if recycled. Yes, electronic waste can be recycled as its metal can be further used for various purposes. So, instead of thinking of throwing it in the trash can outside your home, consider selling it to electronic waste recycling services. 

Why should you consider recycling e-waste?

If someone has suggested you recycle electronic waste, you might think, why should you do it. Well, the answer is simple- to reduce waste production. Waste has various categories, and e-waste is one of them. Any electronic device we throw away has toxins in it that are harmful to the environment. Being responsible humans, we should give it a second thought before we decide to throw anything away. Moreover, what if you come to know that you can earn some extra money if you choose to give the electronic waste to e-waste recycling services? Yes, you can get paid even for your damaged appliance because the recycling services can recycle the device for further use. 

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