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reasons to cancel timeshare

Timeshare vacation packages may sound like a good idea at first glimpse but when you take a closer look, you will find that this is not a good idea. Timeshare sales ads may draw you in with the golden promises of enjoying warm sandy beaches and exotic locations but can end up by charging you high rates, hidden fees, maintenance charges etc.

Many timeshare companies charge booking fees, annual charges, resort parking fees, housekeeping fees etc. the interest rates of such package make start from approx 15% and it may depend on your credit. Missing out a payment or being late for a few days with the payment can make you pay more money for the timeshare.

Timeshare does not always offer you the proclaimed convenience. You need to book vacation very far out in advance and changes are nearly impossible. Bringing someone with you or having extra guest can charges higher for you. This can be one of your reasons to cancel timeshare deal.

Increased maintenance fees

In most cases, buyers are not aware of the annual maintenance fees that they need to pay at the end every year and the distracted buyers usually overlook the fact. Instead of valuable possessions, it becomes a headache and your irritating expense for the owners. With every passing year, the cost may increase and apart from spending relaxing holidays, it becomes a money issue for the users. Such inconveniences may cause that the owners want to cancel their existing timeshare contract.

Personal need

Another reason for selling or cancelling timeshare contract may be the personal need. Sometime a timeshare owner may look for an urgent money-saving option to solve a financial crisis like treatment expenses, sudden bankruptcy; education expense of children etc. For such reasons cancelling an expensive possession like timeshare can be a good reason.

No resale amount

Many try to cancel their timeshare contract because it mostly has no resale value. Some of the timeshare as per location can be appealing but without any resale value. Trying to selling the timeshare may lead to follow a costly way for them and exhausting effort. This is the key reason that they contact a time cancellation company for the purpose. Instead of wasting money on the timeshare, they prefer to get rid of the timeshare as soon as possible.

Failed promises of the timeshare sales team

In most of the cases, timeshare companies failed to keep on their promise that they make during the deal. Being blinded by their promises and offered prizes, buyers often fall in the trap and they face different issues when they try to improve different concerns like inconvenience and unavailability. In such cases, they find it one of the better reasons to cancel timeshare contract than carrying out the burden.

Safety concern

Sometimes, the owner’s find it difficult to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the property even after paying high maintenance charges. Many caretakers of such property enjoy being paid by the owners but do not properly maintain the cleanliness and safety measures of the property.

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