3 Reasons Why Your Photography Website Isn’t Enough

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3 Reasons Why Your Photography Website Isn’t Enough

If you work as a freelancer, visibility is very important, even more so if your job is that of a photographer, for whom you absolutely need a showcase to make your talent known.

For this reason, in a digitalized world like the current one, it is essential to know how to make the most of all the tools that technology offers you to make your works available to a potentially boundless audience.

This is the main road not only to make yourself known but also to attract new customers and create a business that has no limits of any kind.

The first step: creating the website

One of the first steps within a personal web marketing strategy is the creation of a corporate or personal website, in this case. The site must be designed both as a showcase in which to highlight one’s work and as a self-promotion tool.

For this reason, it is essential that the contents are constantly updated and that explains, in detail, both the work you do and your personality, your ideas, your way, and your desire to get involved.

When visitors arrive on your website, they must be encouraged to stay there, to look at your photos and your best shots, so that the site also becomes a meeting place and, why not, discussion on the theme to which it is dedicated.

You have to interact with them and try to create a base of loyal guests who follow you in all your performances and who, above all, help you to make yourself known and collaborate when there is to promote some initiative or event you organize or in which you will participate.

The network offers different ways to create a personal website, from companies like WordPress, thanks to which you can build your site in a few steps constantly assisted, up to more professional services able, perhaps, to give you marketing advice.

In any case, your personal space is the starting point for giving visibility to your work, but it needs to be accompanied by many other activities that can give meaning to the existence of the site itself, starting with those of Web Marketing.

The importance of Web Marketing

Web Marketing is the set of tools, methods, and techniques used to promote a brand or service on the internet.

Inside we find, therefore, the use of e-mails, social media, search engines, blogging, and video channels and for custom whiteboard animation, through which you can make yourself known and the services you offer.

The starting point of an adequate Web Marketing strategy is the creation of a website, which must be followed by a careful promotion tactic, which must set itself multiple objectives including, in fact, that of letting potential customers know about the existence of your website, to promote your work and to create a community that can be compacted around your activity as a photographer.

Today, taking advantage of the tools that the web makes available to you is essential, because more and more people spend their time and make their decisions online, through the various devices: from PC to smartphone to tablet and even to Smart TV.

Therefore, a company or a freelancer like you who wants to make themselves known and sell their services must be able to make the most of the potential of the internet and, specifically, must aim to intercept potential customers and have good communication, so as to influence their decisions and choices.

From this point of view, Web Marketing is the best way for every freelancer, from the photographer as in your case to the plumber, the locksmith, or the carpenter, because it requires a minimum investment and can give results above any optimistic expectation.

To start walking the road correctly, you have to start from the assumption that there are over three billion people in the world who surf the internet every day, a number disproportionately higher than what you could achieve in everyday life, so the goal is to attract that niche of enthusiasts or customers interested in your work to your site.

To do this, you need to promote your brand through a set of communication strategies that can instill in them a feeling of trust and authority.

Most customers, in fact, are looking for people or companies they can trust, who offer personalized services and are always available to satisfy every need, even the most difficult.

As mentioned above, the advantages of a correct Web Marketing strategy are different, starting with the reduced costs, since an internet connection, now present in everyone’s homes, is sufficient.

However, the real benefits are others, namely the high focus of the campaign that allows, through the many tools available, to create a precise target of customers, identifying them not only through interests, but also based on demographic peculiarities, age, and of course personal characteristics, interests and values.

Furthermore, a campaign of this type can be analyzed in-depth, thanks to the results and statistics always available, in such a way as to be able to adjust the course in progress or remedy some error.

There are many options that Web Marketing offers to those who want to use it, starting from traditional commercial e-mails (Email Marketing), up to the possibility of searching locally for their potential customers.

What, however, makes Web Marketing really different from other forms of promotion, is its measurability, because (to trivialize) if you publish an advertising banner on your site, you will know exactly how many clicked on it; if you create a series of internal pages, you will be able, daily, to know the number of people who have visited them.

In this way, you will be able to constantly monitor the progress of the campaign and appreciate the results in a concrete way.

The three main reasons why the site alone is not enough

As mentioned above, the creation of a personal or corporate website is only the first step towards promoting yourself or your brand, because this must be followed by the series of behaviors described above.

The reasons are soon explained and summarized in these three Web Marketing activities:

  1. The Search Engine Marketing;
  2. The Content Marketing;
  3. Social Media Marketing.

In the first case, it is the set of activities to optimize the position and visibility of your website through its indexing in search engines.

If your website, in fact, is not present in the archives of Google, Bing, and any other search engines, no one will ever know of its existence, so it is essential to consider this type of activity.

Furthermore, Search Engine Marketing is also useful for monitoring the scenario of competitors or for drawing up a list of contacts who, potentially, may be interested in your business.

As for Content Marketing, it is essential that, once you have created your professional site, it is frequently updated with new content.

In the case of a photographer, it is essential that there is, for example, a photo gallery, which must be accompanied by quality insights, for example by publishing a blog. Only in this way will Google insert the site within it and show it in the results of searches carried out by users.

For this reason, woe to create a static website, without frequent updates, because you risk ending up in oblivion.

Finally, Social Media Marketing is useful for making yourself known also through social channels, so it is of fundamental importance to create a profile at least on Facebook and Instagram so that you can make yourself and your photos are known.

Be careful, however, not to waste energy unnecessarily, because not all social networks are the same and you must always choose the one that best suits your profession.

In the case of a photographer, for example, Instagram is essential for its own functioning and can become a showcase where to collect contacts, enthusiasts, and obviously customers.

The real work on the website begins after posting

As said several times, the creation of your own professional website must be considered the starting point of a much broader marketing strategy aimed at making your work as a photographer known.

Therefore, the most difficult but also the most important commitment begins after the site is online because it is necessary for the internet audience to know of its existence.

Therefore consider your website as an extension of your business, as a tool that can help you work better, make your photographic talent known, publish the best shots, describe your personality and professional approach.

Try to intrigue people and, above all, keep the site constantly updated and “on the spot”, as they say in journalistic jargon.

The web, as you have seen, offers you many tools, but these must be used well, otherwise you risk a boomerang effect.

Therefore, learn more about the world of Web Marketing in all its aspects, so that you can safely handle everything that can allow you to take a leap in professional quality.

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