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Do you know how many cell phones are disposed of each year? How many tons of waste is piling up over the shoulders of our earth? It’s good to remind all us that the world is producing 1.3 billion tons of waste each year, and Americans toss 151 million smartphones each year. And much to our surprise, approximately 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide every year, where around 152 million phones are thrown away in a year. Also, the rates have been increasing rapidly since 2010. This contributes to an increasing rate of mobile device manufacturing. The smartphone and tablet growth rates compared to the growth rate of the population is five times greater. 

Another surprise that is eye-opening for all of us is that a significant amount of e-waste that is dumped is actually not waste at all. The device or some parts from a device is recyclable for reuse and material recovery from those used devices. Despite an ever-increasing rate of environmental pollution, the U.N agency reports that there is no end in this trend, and the public waste system is not keeping pace with urban expansion and rapid industrialization. And, we have not yet developed our system to deal with hazardous electronic wastes. We don not efficiently collect and reuse the electronic waste to save the earth the toxic materials used in a cellphone kit. A cell contains many toxic materials that contribute to increasing the hazardous material for the earth. These facts cannot be ignored in a situation where we are standing today. We need to change the way we think. No matter what we can afford or not, we should act like a responsible human being and try to contribute to saving the earth. 

A Collective Responsibility  

The problem cannot be fixed until we start taking it seriously. We need to think about it seriously and then take action. We should be contributing our parts where we can. If we stop switching to new phones just because the screen is broken or the battery is damaged, we can save a lot of e-waste production, especially when it’s even easier than buying a new phone. 

You can simply call a 5-start rated cell repair company and give your cell phone for repair. They simply diagnose the problem and let you know about the issue and the charges to get the problem resolved. It hardly takes a day or even lesser to get your issue fixed, and you can use the phone you love in the same way you used to do. On top of all, you can get a loaner phone for the period you give your cell phone for repair. 

Cell phone damages can be fixed!

Sometimes we assume that the issue that has come up cannot be fixed by a cell phone repair near me. However, all we need to do is just google it to find a nearby cell phone repair stores. For instance, if you are living in Toronto, Canada, all you need to type is cell phone repair Etobicoke or cell phone repair Canada, and you will find some really good smartphone repair solutions. We need to remind ourselves of the basics that we learned in primary schools; reduce, reuse, and recycle. This not only saves the environment but is much easier on our pockets. Thinking rationally, splurging on new sparkling things makes no sense at all.

Rather than just sitting and assuming that the problem cannot be fixed, we should put in some effort to get our cell phone fixed instead of spending a handful of savings on a new smartphone. If your phone is working fine and unfortunately you break the screen or damage the battery, you can easily get the screen repaired and the battery replaced from a nearby cell repair company. Both on an individual and collective basis, cell phone repairs can contribute to improved financial stability. Families can save to make their vacations and family time better by not spending an extra amount on new phones. It is definitely splurging to get another expensive smartphone as long as your phone is functioning perfectly.  

In a nutshell:

A collective advantage of recycling and reusing old phones is to reduce the hazardous impact of e-waste, including batteries and accumulators on the environment, that too when cell phone repair can be done on a call. Therefore, in order to contribute to safety, protection, and improvement of the ecological system, every individual is required to put in their shares to preserve the environment.  


Cellphone repairs can contribute to significant improvement and preservation of the environment and recovery of existing material. It saves us financially and has better impacts on the planet. By reducing waste, we make our economy strong and spend on more meaningful and important areas of life. 

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