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Request For Quote

Request a quote (RFQ) is one of the must-have plugins you can add on your WooCommerce website. Through a good RFQ plugin, you can have a good interaction with your customers and allow them to negotiate for the price of the products they like. In this way, you can engage with your customers and have the advantage of hiding the product prices from the competition.

The market is full of requests for quote plugins that are free and premium. For a beginner, it can be hard to figure out which plugin works best for their website. But through this article, you will be able to determine which free and premium RFQ plugins will be the best fit for your website.

Best Free Plugins

Free plugins are a good way to test the RFQ functionality on your website. Some of the best free plugins are:

  • Woo Price Quotes

If you are looking for a free RFQ plugin that has many features then Woo Price Quotes is worth a try. Easy to set up, this plugin allows the store owner to hide the purchasing details of some or all products. Not only that, but you also have the option of creating an Enquiry form on a single product page. This allows your customers to make a quick inquiry without wasting their time.

This plugin comes with two quote mode options, which you can easily apply on selected or all products. If you have assigned different user roles on your website, you can customize the quote mode option according to them. Additionally, your customers have the option of sending a Quotation form, where they also receive a copy. Through this plugin, you can efficiently negotiate with your customers through emails. While being free, this plugin is robust and can provide you will all of your RFQ needs.

  • NP Quote Request WooCommerce

NP Quote Request WooCommerce is a very flexible plugin that you can use with different store settings. Through using this, the store owner can change the Cart button to the ‘Request a Quote’ button on certain products.  Your customers have the option of checking out with the products that are available for sale while also requesting a quote at the same time.

This plugin works for both single and variable products. Like the plugin above, you can enable it on selected or all products. But, to customize it on user roles, you have to upgrade to the premium version. Those beginners that want to try the RFQ functionality on their website can easily use this plugin.

Best Premium Plugins

Premium plugins can help you get the extra RFQ features that you might need on your website. Some of them are:

  • B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce

In the premium category, this is the most versatile RFQ plugin by Codup that is available out there. Store owners can easily use this plugin because of its various customizable options. With this, you have the option of adding or removing the Cart or Quote buttons on certain products. This plugin also allows you to customize an RFQ page, which might look like the checkout page. By using this plugin, your customers can have the benefit of inquiring about multiple products at one time.

This B2B plugin also allows you to set the RFQ option on the single or variables of a product. You can easily communicate with your customers through this plugin. When the negotiations are final, you can provide your customers with the option of accepting or rejecting the offer through the notifications option that comes with this plugin. The most notable feature on this plugin is the ‘Has Terms’ option, through which you can set the different payment options. This setting can be customized for user roles easily.

  • Request a Quote for WooCommerce

This plugin allows you to add a quote basket, just like a checkout basket. Here, the customers have the option of adding various products in the cart and submit it by filling out a quotation form. Like the plugins mentioned above, this also comes with the quotation options for different guests and user roles that you can change according to your preference.

Through using this, you can also add a mini quote option, which is like a mini cart option, where the customers can review what they have in the basket. It also gives you the option of hiding the price and Cart button by replacing it with the Quote button. Via the notification option, the admin and customer both will receive email notifications automatically.

  • Product Enquiry Pro

With the help of this great plugin, you can target those verified leads which can become potential customers on your website. You can have the benefit of using its several features like the Quotation button, customizing the product page by hiding or replacing the price with the quotation option, notifying the customers with new emails about their inquiries, etc. When your products are ‘out of stock’ you can add the Quote button on them, which can help customers to inquire about it.

If you want to add multiple recipients in a single query, you can easily do that with this plugin. You can grant your customers with the option of ‘Send a Copy’ through which they can send a copy of the quotation queries to themselves. With the help of a simple view of all the inquiries that are made, you can have the idea of which products are highly demanded.

Final Thoughts

Request a quote option is a good option for price flexibility for different products with varying options. With the help of RFQ, you can improve your conversion rates and also get those B2B buyers that love to inquire about a product before making a purchase. This feature is especially useful for retailers, wholesale, and bulk purchase websites.  Hopefully, with the help of this article, you have realized the importance of choosing the right RFQ plugin for your website.

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