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Earphones are a great part of our busy lifestyle. Listening to music for a few minutes can relieve your stress. These days wireless or Bluetooth earphones are in trend in comparison to those traditional wired earphones.

The reason is that those wired earphones are not easily manageable and the wires get easily messed which makes it hard to unmess it.

So, let us now see the best wireless or Bluetooth earphone that it realme Buds wireless.

There are many reasons why I have ranked this earphone number one.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is the most important factor while deciding the best earphone. The different components of sound do not overlap each other which makes it amazingly clear.

If you like a too much bassy sound which overlaps the vocals and other sound components then this is not for you!

The sound quality can be easily compared with other premium earphones which are 3-4 times costlier than this one.

Body Design

Realme used premium quality rubber while making this earbud. The body feels lighter and highly durable. I compared the quality of the plastic which is used in this earbuds with the one plus wireless earphones which are 3 times expensive than this one.

The earbuds are magnetic and so you can easily stick them and keep apart when you are not using them. They have another functionality too when you will stick them then the earphone will get turned off thus saving a lot of power.

This earphone has 3 buttons which have + and – signs that you can use to control sound and change the track too. The third button which is placed in between the two buttons has power on and power off functionality and if you will press them for more than 2 seconds then it will turn the voice assistant on.

It has a tangle-free design which prevents any type of mess and hence relieves us that frustration of undoing it.

Battery Backup

This wireless earphone has an amazing battery backup of about 12 hours of regular use which adds a big point to choose it as your needed Bluetooth earphone.

You won’t get such a great battery backup in this price range.

It takes one and a half an hour to fully charge it when the battery is fully exhausted.

Bluetooth Range

It has Bluetooth version 5.0 which has an amazing receptivity and operation distance

You won’t experience any type of quality degradation even while moving to another room. I literally liked its Bluetooth receptivity.


It has a unique design which easily fits in the ear comfortably. Its fitting makes it suitable for jogging and other outdoor activities.


As I have mentioned in the title its price is below 2000. Below 2000 it is hard to find out such a great earbud. It is available on the Realme store at 1799 rupees.


So these were some of the points which makes this earphone as the best earphone under the range of 2000 rupees. If you think your budget is below 2000 rupees then you must see This list of Advanced wireless Headphones.

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