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The santa cruz longboard cruzer is one of the best longboards, with its striking lion god design in bright graphic colors makes a style statement like no other. It is aesthetically appealing from both the top and the underside of the longboard. There is the lion god with the company logo on the top, while the underside matches the top with similar colors and pattern. The wheels are red to go with the overall theme.


  • The longboard totals in 40 inches of length with a 10 inch width.
  • It is made with 70mm wheels, on the whole it weighs in around 7 pounds.
  • 7 pounds is an average good weight for a longboard, making it not too thin and flimsy, at the same time, not too heavy to carry around when necessary.
  • All the main parts and fittings are manufactured by the same company itself, fitted and shipped to the customer. The grip tape is of a superior quality, lasting long wear and tear.


The santa cruz longboards are made with latest cutting edge technology on par with any leading manufacturers of longboards.

Even though all longboards might look the same, careful research and painstaking detail goes into designing and manufacturing each individual longboard. The company takes great care in sourcing the best and right kind of wood for their longboards.

They are always improving the design and quality of their wheels and trucks to suit all kinds of riding conditions.

Review Summary

Santa Cruz is in this business for 40 years and no one knows the market better than them. This Lion God Rasta cruzer from Santa Cruz is a beauty to look for, which blends the featured components and amazing design for the users. This board provides a fast cruising experience downhill.

Best Benefit

The benefit of this particular longboard, manufactured by santa cruz longboard company is that they are a part of the manufacturing process right from the start, upto the selling point. This enables the producer to ensure that every part of the longboard as well as every detail of the making is done with quality and the customers satisfaction in mind.

Other Benefits:

  • It can be used by both genders and all age groups.
  • Beginners can easily use it, as it is both affordable and made for ease of ride.
  • It is strong and gives considerable security while riding even on uneven surfaces.
  • The wheel height and wheel shape help to keep the board off the ground.


The Good Stuff:

  • The longboard is made with a very strong wooden base, which is finished with high quality material to give it more strength and finish.
  • The fittings are manufactured to last rough and uneven rides, which still ensure a fuss free ride.
  • The grip tape enables the user to stay on the longboard while on the go, and not slip or move.
  • The graphic print is extremely appealing, it does not fade due to the final finish.

The Bad Stuff:

The cons of this longboard is that customers sometime mention bubbling of the grip tape near the wheels, this can be easily fixed and not something that will affect the ride in any manner.

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