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Most people know SAP (System Application and Products) as a renowned software supplier. The organization is quite famous for its database integration platform that is used by almost all small and large enterprises. Its clientele includes names like IBM and Microsoft. However, the software isn’t the only domain to which SAP is limited. There are also several SAP training programs that run with a collaboration of NIIT.

SAP has tried to incorporate three aspects to its learning programs:

  • Practical teaching approach
  • Skill development
  • Cost-effectiveness

Due to these three reasons, these SAP courses are highly beneficial for whoever wants to learn something. However, there are also some experience requirements for specific programs that you need to fulfill to get the certification. Apart from this, you need to give a relevant exam to prove your skills and knowledge about the concept.

Every SAP training is divided into two levels: associate and professional. You need different industrial experience for both of them.

The associate-level programs include:

  • Financial Accounting With SAP ERP 6.0

Here, you need to prove your basic knowledge and skills correlated with the SAP ERP Financial Accounting domain. This SAP training online is excellent for you if you want to learn about the projects on Financial Accounting.


  • Management Accounting With SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4

If your plan is to get along with SAP Management Accounting concepts, this is the correct course for you. It will test your knowledge and understanding of the basics of the domain.


  • Quality Management With SAP ERP 6.0

With this certification, you can show your knowledge and skills related to the Quality Management sector. It is suitable for the consultant profile of the domain.


  • Technology Architecture

Unlike other associate SAP courses, here you need to prove your expert understanding of the Technology Architecture field. With this certification, you can become capable of offering support to the sales team in their tasks like the evaluation process.


  • ABAP With SAP NetWeaver 7.0

This SAP training tests whether or not you have the necessary skills and understanding of ABAP Development in a project environment.


  • Supply Chain Planning and Execution with SAP for Oil & Gas with SCM 7.0 EHP1

It will be a suitable course for you to begin your career as a consultant in projects related to oil and gas. The test here will examine your knowledge of oil and gas business processes. Plus, it will be best if you have an understanding of SAP IS-Oil terminology to clear the test.


  • Project Manager

Your skills and specialization in Project Management are tested here. You need to show that you can implement all relevant techniques and tools required for business management.

Now comes the professional-level SAP courses that need at least four years of industrial experience in the relevant field.

Professional courses include:

  • ABAP With SAP NetWeaver 7.0

Here, you have to undergo a test that checks your thorough knowledge and advanced skills required for ABAP Development. This is just the advanced version of the associate certification mentioned previously.

Similarly, there are advanced courses for several other associate SAP training courses. If you have a four-year of experience and want to grow in your career, you can opt for these programs.

  • Functional Programs:

There are several functional programs, as well, offered by SAP. For these, a minimum of 2-years of experience is required in the relevant domain. The tracks you can find here are:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Product Lifestyle Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management

The management courses are further divided into sub-sections according to the specialization area.

  • Technical Program:

The technical tracks under SAP training include only one domain, i.e., ABAP Workbench. You will learn here the fundamentals and concepts of SAP ABAP Programming. But you are required to have at least 1-year of experience in the technical field to opt for this program.


The significant benefit of these programs is that every SAP course fees isn’t as high as quoted by some institutions. Plus, the value of this certification is high in almost all places. So you will be able to kick start and excel in your career with any of the relevant courses. You can begin with the associate ones and then proceed to professional programs as you gain experience. It will ensure that your career never stops.


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