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cost to make dating apps like tinder

No more lies! We all love dating. If not all, at least 80% of us do.

Mere a thought of that special someone while swiping right makes one get Collywobbles. Right? Please don’t be shy. We understand your adrenaline rush. But while accessing the popular dating apps like Tinder, did this thought ever strike your mind that how a dating app is created? And what can be the possible factors behind building a dating app? If you are an app developer, you must have come here to get answers to such questions. And this write-up is all about that. Stay tuned.

The concept of dating apps is gaining massive popularity as people invest a significant part of their day digitally, including virtual relationships. Regardless of their relationship status, age, and gender, people’s inclination towards dating apps shows no pertinent signs to reduce. Moreover, the Tinder app has also become a social media and entertainment platform for the young generation.

Global Statistics of Dating Apps

The surprising statistics apps show that over 30% of adults in the US use dating apps. Among these, over 23% are stepping towards meeting. The stats also reveal that more than 12% of adults of this overall percentage are even indulging in future-term relationships. Talking about the Tinder app, reports from March 2020 depict that the app stood at 179th in the Google Play Store. It is no surprise that the Tinder app falls in the top 10 lifestyle apps in the app market. Following such a scenario, dating app businesses and app developers keep their best foot forward to create a dating app like TinderIn a short period, the trend of matchmaking and relationship apps has witnessed a remarkable increase in the app world. To best understand the working of dating apps, let’s first understand some of these apps’ prominent features.

What are the features of dating apps like Tinder?

  • Signup/ Login

The Tinder app makers have given significant emphasis to the ‘signing up’ or ‘logging in’ feature. The entire process of registering into your account and securely adding login details is hassle-free and easily accessible.

  • User’s Profile 

With every step, the user will get help from within the app on creating an appealing user profile. The app doesn’t ask too many details and is pro-active when it comes to filling in the fields.

  • Geographical Location

Tinder app has been created focusing on the local searches so that the users should be able to swipe and search for their best mates and best match. The profiles are matched based on the geographic location of the app users.

  • Filters functionality 

To create a dating app like Tinder, app developers should try adding this feature. Not every time, users are in a mood to swipe and find strangers. This app provides users to filter their searches if they want to find a particular person on the app.

  • Swipe 

Swipe is one of the most attractive features of the Tinder app. This feature helps users to swipe right and left according to their preferences. The right swipe feature is designed to show interest in someone, and the left swipe means to reject someone on the app.

  • Video Chat

Whether it’s a dating app or any other conversational app, a live video chatting feature is necessary. Even if you are dating virtually, you or your partner would want to interact on video at some point in time. The creators of the Tinder app have brilliantly added this feature to the app.

  • Real-time notification alerts

Tinder app also provides its users with real-time notifications alerts and personalization, depending on their browsing history. This feature will enable users to get instant messages sent by others, and they will also get notified whenever someone swipes their profile.

  • Security 

Dating apps like Tinder need extra security and safety as personal information and personal details are shared on this app. The dating app must include all the safety features that assure the users that their data and personal information are safe. Tinder app also helps users in blocking someone who finds suspicious or uninterested.

These are some of the classy features of the Tinder app. Based on these features and specifications, the developers decided on the Tinder app cost. Apart from this, other factors are also responsible for developing a dating app like app design, several unique features, target audience, and GPS location. After having a complete understanding of notable features, it would become easier to understand how much cost is involved in dating app development.

How to decide dating app costs like Tinder?

The cost to build an app depends on the chosen app features list and the development procedures. Security is considered to be a prominent feature in such apps so that personal information and details should not be misused.

An app developer needs to be planned and reliable on every stage and look for safer solutions. It also depends on the user what type of dating he intends to create, such as Native and Hybrid apps. The cost of developing a dating app like Tinder ranges between $40,000 and $50,000. We have also compiled the factors on which the pricing of creating a dating app like Tinder depends.

Factors affecting Tinder App Cost

  • Type of app
  • Different platforms
  • Content management system
  • App design
  • Database


Even after considering the features as mentioned above and cost affecting factors of creating a dating app, you need to have in-depth knowledge of your target audience. These points will you gain engagement with the users. Timely updates of the app will also help in user-interaction. The top app development companies and their app developers will take the best advantage from these points to create a Dating App like Tinder

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