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Truck rentals in Dubai for chemical industry

The world of truck rentals has been advancing at a rapid pace and ventured into almost every field of transportation various goods, whether it is refrigerated products or even hazardous chemicals with utmost safety. Chemicals shippers are continually searching for methods with the minimum risk to get their products delivered without the possible threat of carbon printing and other freight safety concerns. Truck rentals in Dubai for chemical industry have come a long way from transporting merely insignificant and trivial products to the secure delivery of dangerous chemicals which need maximum protection and attention to be delivered safely.


Various laws and regulations have been put into place to ensure the topmost security to be provided to such chemicals and items which pose even the slightest of risk to public safety or the environment when put under any means of transportation. Such hazardous materials are certified to be processed carefully and handled with top-notch security when transported from one place to another. Apart from additional safety measures placed in such rental trucks, the drivers are also provided with enough skill set to make prompt decisions and specially trained in managing such hazardous materials.

Environmentally ecological

Various organizations looking after safe and secure means of transportation for such chemicals throughout the globe have recorded the improved conditions in the environment when such chemicals are moved through a rental truck than a train or a shipping container. It has been reposted that the movement of these chemicals by train poses a higher threat of carbon footprint by almost 50% than when transported through a rental truck. Considerable conservation in fuel usage has also been noted in using the rental trucks for the same, and various logistics service providers have also observed a steep decrease in carbon dioxide emissions by up to 70%. Truck rentals have certainly proved to be a better and more environmentally eco-friendly means of transport than the other methods considering the above statistics.

Safer in driving conditions

Frequently, it is necessary for the vehicles making the delivery to go through extremely long distances even if encountering unsafe driving conditions to complete the promised delivery. Such vehicles might also have to travel through adverse weather conditions, dangerous routes leading to delays, and in worse cases, unavoidable accidents. Shipping the contents through heavy rental trucks undoubtedly reduces the risk of severe mishappenings when faced with such obstructions. In the possibility of such cases, the containers and the trucking system both are marked with a unique traceable code that makes it easy for the rental truck to be found and recognized, ultimately rescued. However, it is comparatively difficult to track a freight train or a shipping container under the same circumstances.

Cheaper than other means

The use of freight trains and ships in moving such high-risk containers can not be a low-prices means to follow. Even obtaining a permit for the same for the modes mentioned above of transportation is not an easy task to attain. However, employing the logistic service providers of the UAE can lower the cost of the entire procedure by massive amounts. Overall, it can help the client save 20-30% of the hefty transportations costs. Nevertheless, the prices also depend on the distance and the volume of the items to be moved.

Greater flexibility

There can certainly be cases in which the entire consignment to be delivered might get delayed at the last minute for a couple of days, in which case, the rental truck can easily be kept at a local storage yard for a few days until the complication is resolved. Or, if any hitch occurs in the vehicle itself, the entire shipment can be unloaded from one rental truck and stocked into another effortlessly. However, such an arrangement is not possible when using other modes of transportation as neither a train nor a ship can be left stranded halfway.


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