Significance of 3D Printing in Human Life:

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Significance of 3D Printing in Human Life:

By keeping in view the benefits of 3D printing, we reach this conclusion that 3D printing is playing a vital role in many industries and its fruits are increasing day by day. No one can deny the advantages of this technology in numerous fields like health, construction, space technologies, and automobiles, etc. In all the above mentioned and many other industries, by the dominance of 3D printing, the graph of progress and growth of industries is going upward every minute.

Now and also in the future, the applications of this technology are limitless. Since when it has been invented its uses are increasing very rapidly. As we argue its applications in industries, we see the different uses of custom 3D printing in different places. Like in health it is being used in making 3D models of the human body and organs which help in diagnosing and curing the diseases of the patients more precisely and easily. This high tech is also used in the production of surgical tools at very low costs and with a very low error factor. In the medicine industry, it is used in the manufacturing of different life-saving drugs with more benefits and with definite salts ratios. The concept of a polypill (the tablet having different prescribed salts and formulas according to the patient’s needs with different releasing time) has come into reality with the help of this tech.

If we discuss its further applications, 3D printing service is playing a crucial and key role in the food industry. By using healthy nutrients and ingredients as raw material the common food can be transformed into vigorous, healthful, and tastier food with all essential components. In education, many schools and colleges are adding 3D printing services in their curriculums for the advancement of this industry and the progress of their nation in a better way. In aerospace and automobiles, these utilizations are also not limited. In these fields, 3D designing is used in the creation of different parts of airplanes, space shuttles, cars, and motorbikes, etc. In space technology, it is used in the construction of space research centers and space hubs. Same as with the construction industry, this technology is used in making 3D models of famous places and now it is being used in constructing houses and buildings at cheaper rates with more reliability factors.  In the defense industry, it is being used in the creation of ammunition, bioweapons, and mass destructive material.

The industry of 3D printing is pushing its boundaries every day. It is becoming an essential part of human daily lives. Its products are now imperative parts of human needs. Its advantages cannot be denied. Here are some major leverages of this technology through which it is getting more and more space and popularity in the real world.

  • Agile production.
  • Smooth accessibility.
  • Superior quality.
  • The actual design and real-time testing.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Enhanced usability.
  • Customization factor.
  • Limitless imagination designing.
  • Reduced risk and error factor.
  • Low waste formulation.
  • Implementation of diversified raw materials.
  • Rapid growth.


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