5 tips to smartly buy a pre-owned car

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5 tips to smartly buy a pre-owned car

Did you know that buying a car is the second largest investment made by a person, only behind a house? Given this data, in UAE there are different options to buy a used car: car dealers like Farago Motors, internet and private sales, to name a few. Therefore it is important to know the route of a purchase to avoid headaches and risks in your financial and physical security.

So we give you five tips for buying and selling a pre-owned car:

Buy safely

If you consider it pertinent, don’t close the deal immediately ; Give yourself a couple of days to think and make the best decision. Evaluate the forms of payment: although the best option is cash, there are credit plans in agencies that may be convenient for you.

Choose the perfect car for you

If you have already decided to buy a car, you must first define the car you want to buy; make, model, version and year. Then define the amount you are willing to pay, and remember that institutions such as the Federal Consumer Prosecutor (Profeco) and the National Association of Dealers of New and Used Automobiles and Trucks (ANCA) determine that a car when it leaves the agency loses between 20 and 40% of its original value, so research the price of the new unit and do the math.

Check your history and papers

If you already have the perfect option for you, it’s time to start with a cool head and investigate the car’s history and verify its documentation. Check that the serial number (VIN) matches that of the circulation card, plates and stickers; and that vehicle holdings and verifications are in order. Remember that if something does not match or you have doubts it is better to let the offer pass and continue the search for your next car.

Know your physical and mechanical condition

After viewing the car’s documentation, it is time to have the first contact and review the exterior beauty and health of the car. If you do not know anything about mechanics, have a specialist check the car and rule out damages due to floods, fires or even crashes that in the long run will be expensive after buying it. Likewise, it checks its exterior state of paint, bodywork and interior aspects.

Take a test drive

Before making the final purchase decision, don’t forget to test it and put your hands on the wheel of the car to check that everything works well. Remember to take note of each success and failure in the car, from how the engine starts, if the transmission is fine and to the operation of the infotainment system (if you have one), air conditioning, among other factors.

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