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Some Fun and Amazing Facts about Bounce House

What comes to your mind when we say bounce house? The image of a big inflatable house with kids jumping and hopping inside it, making new friends, and having a lot of fun together. From small size to big, from residential to commercial bounce houses for business purposes, there is a lot more to the jumping castle that you might not know of. Let us see some amusing facts about this giant bounce house.

1. Different Names

The bouncy house isn’t the only name it has. Over time, it has gotten a lot of nicknames based on different qualities it possesses. When you think of jump houses, you can see kids and people jumping into it which is why it got a name like a jump house, bouncy house, bouncer, etc These bounce houses are used in parties, carnivals, fairs which is why it got names like party jumper, etc. This is a huge house and is filled with air in it, so it got names like the inflatable house, bounce castle, inflatable castle, inflatable jump house, etc. Sometimes people call it the closed inflated trampoline as the activities done on it and the trampoline are the same which is jumping. Other than jumping you can simply walk on it, and the bounce house gives a feeling of walking on the moon which is why in some places it is also called the moonwalker, Spacewalker, moon bouncer, Astro jumper, jolly jumper, etc. Although a jolly jumper is a bit different and is for toddlers (you need to keep toddlers away from the bouncy house) however, they both are used for jumping which is why people call a bounce house a jolly jumper as well.

2. After a long time safety measures came in

The jumping castles you see today are very modern and safe. Earlier, when these bounce houses were invented, they were just simple inflated mattresses. There were no safety measures just like we have today, There were no top covers, no side walls, no slide stoppers, etc. Gradually, the safety measure and other features were added to it. The first safety feature that was added to it was the top cover. It was added so that the people jumping on it won’t fall out of it, or won’t fall on other participants. Nevertheless, the top cover did not help much in preventing the people from falling so they added inflated sidewalls. These walls were a good addition to the safety of the people as none of the participants fell out of it while jumping. Later on, a few windows were added in order to eliminate the darkness created by the top cover and the side walls. This also reduced the risk of people falling on each other due to the darkness.

Today there are a whole lot of safety features that are added in the bounce houses after giving considerable thoughts to it.

3. Not just a house to jump in

Over time, there have been a lot of changes that have taken place all around. Even the bouncy houses have changed a lot. Earlier the bounce houses were used only for jumping purposes and were single-themed, however, you can do much more with it now. You can play a lot of games and make your kids play a lot of games in it. You can decorate it with different themes like the jungle theme, rainbow theme, etc. You can convert it into a ball pit by adding colorful balls and sponge into it. You can convert the bounce house into a pool by adding water and other water toys into it and have a pool party last for and with your kids. For growing kids, you can hide some things into the bounce house and give the clues to kids and let them find those things. In short, you can include the bounce house for a scavenger hunt or the treasure hunt.

4. Adults can play in it too

The one misconception about the jumping castle is that it can only be used by the kids. However, it is one of the most amusing facts that big commercial bouncers can be used by kids and by adults as well. With the improved material and a robust structure, it can withstand adults jumping in it as well for a very long time. Adults can reminisce about their childhood while jumping and falling in the bounce house. Although it depends on the material and the size of the bounce houses. The bigger ones are considered very safe for the adults as they are made up of heavy-duty material and have a very low risk of collapse.

5. It can be used as a floating pool

We all know that the jumpers need a flat and clean surface to be placed on. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that you can put it on water and make it a floating inflatable. Just like any float or an inflatable water tube, the jumping castle is also an inflatable thing that can float on water. For instance, You can put it on the sea and make it an inflatable water pool house. You can make it a water obstacle course for growing kids and teenagers. This way you and your kids can not only enjoy the bouncer but a pool party and an obstacle course all at once. You can combine a few bounce houses together to make it a big pool house or a big obstacle course. However, before you do that it is imperative to read the instructions given with the bounce house to avoid and reduce any type of risk.

6. Fundraiser bounce house

Not everyone knows but a jumping castle can turn out to be a good fundraiser activity. There are people who use these at fundraiser parties and activities. Kids can not resist the charm and the entertainment by the inflatable slides, and at events like fundraisers, people allow their kids to play with them as it generates money for good causes. Few of the companies have gathered thousands of dollars for charitable trusts over the years with the help of the bounce house. So you see, when using it right, even a play-house can be a leading part of good deeds.

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