Statistics website rankings from GOOGLE by different regions of the world.

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Statistics website  rankings from GOOGLE by different regions of the world.

                      Developers, be it programmers, webmasters, web designers There is also misunderstand that a Google ranking is displayed  for one keyword to be able to show up to websites in the Google network all over the world.  Such as I used keyword for searching  Search Engine Optimization

                     While my IP is showing in Thailand, the search is in Thai language, so when I bring the website to the google search console, there will be a keyword analysis of which words are placed on which pages on google and how many people visit  website.  Im trial bring my keyword to searching and I saw my website on page 1, but When i am abroad, my website  no search results is ranked in google. I’m still not sure and  whether or not, I trial  installed site on google analytics to analyze the people of each region. they from which country, they were searching for my website. It appears that only Thai people visit my the website It made me understand that google separate zoning each country per search, even the same country separate zoning the search to reach the people closest to us who will receive the information quickly and to the point as needed.

                            For example, I have 1 restaurant and I take information  to  google maps. I asked my customers and I got the answer from them, They said near not far from the location of my restaurant Also, Included the reviews 

               shown on the map indicate that these people have visited our area over and over again. Which is good for reaching people in the community,  Locals people let us know where the delicious restaurants are. So this is why Google ranking is indexed to cover the world.

             How to make our website will be show number 1 ranking in Thailand as our need ?  For these people to find our website and information to visit us.  How do we get international customers?  Center  of  Google is right?  Each country will Have specific domains such as Thailand, or Canada, use .ca  etc.

          Making our website ranked in different countries is quite difficult. The style of doing รับสอนSEO the way is similar , but different is the rating of the region, criteria are the same way, used same worldwide in ranking.

1. Change IP before do SEO is a valid technique?

2. Writing articles in the local language of that country work or not?

3. back links and website databases. Should be come from foreign websites?

4. Is it appropriate to register domains using the dot of that country?

5. Sending  backlinks or using keywords should words using the country language we want to display in Google, Are you okay?

                  All of the above are predictions. One thing we can do is to get our site on search terms by domains with .com etc.   because our ranking will improve in all country if our site is ranked by main domain of google. When our site show up on search results need to diligent to create the racially diverse content and articles distinguish it from articles from other sources, But should not has too much  that makes Google think your website sabuyseo is deliberately breaking the rules,  you intend to write content that is beneficial to your audience and contains 1000 words long, etc. to increase the credibility of your website. Anyone who visits your website has to catch the eye with the unique content of the article, it makes it unique. What spiders or bots like is their constantly updated content. audience feel that it is easy to read and easy to understand.

          Summarizing the benefits of Google  are numerous. Online marketing generated by google There are various channels, such as GDN SEO, SEM ADS, that effect to  entrepreneurs, large and small, seeking one channel for their business to be successful, As a result, the value of online economy is enormous.

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