Stem Holiday Activities To Try During The Holidays

Stem Holiday Activities To Try During The Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner, and our kids might just create havoc in the excitement of Christmas. In order to keep them focused and motivated the entire while they are vacationing. Some of the popular after school programs with a STEM program may be booked out entirely. So, you may want to try these STEM holiday activities at home to keep them engaged and learning even during the holidays – however, in a fun manner. 

Try holiday courses for primary schools or these STEM holiday activities at home: 

Create Crystal Wreaths

Wreaths have glittery and ornamental twinkles that sparkle all the while. Building a new crystal wreath can be an extremely fun activity for kids. You could inspire them to create personalized wreaths for their own room doors using garlands and easy experimentation with borax to create glittery crystal ornaments. This same technique can be used to make crystal candy canes. 

Have Turkey & Rudolph Races

These games are a wonderful way to explore physics and learn from it. It’ll guarantee a fun time and incite loads of giggles. Kids of all ages will enjoy a balloon-based physics challenge. You can easily build Rudolph and see who is racing towards saving Christmas. You could make the reindeer fly using the STEM reindeer challenge. This is a pretty cool robotics school holiday in Sydney. 

Snowy Science Experiments

This experimentation activity uses chemistry to make a snowy project that works well with homeschooled children and those who enjoy science to the core. It is fairly easy to recreate and works well during Christmas time in areas that see summer all of December, such as in Australia. 

Make Candy Cane Using Play Dough

Kids love bubble bath time, and there is practically no better time to have a bubble bath than during the holidays. There is nothing better than one learning during the entire process of it. In fact, it is Christmas themed as well. First of all, you could buy or make scented peppermint flavoured play dough and then shape it to look like candy canes that can be used as a bubble bath element. 

Optical Illusion Activities

Exploring one’s senses shouldn’t come as a secondary task but involving these senses gives one an extremely yummy experience, especially now that Christmas is around the corner. Ensure to play activities that involve illusions that one can watch with the eyes and be a fun activity. These are some amazing STEM holiday activities that one can hope to include in one’s learning capacity. 

There are scores of other holiday courses for primary school involving STEM learning, and if you actively advise and influence kids into partaking in these activities, they’ll be invested in learning in a creative manner, entirely vested to learn concepts that trigger overall development.

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