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The darknet marketplaces are the hub of various illegal trades that run as an underbelly of the clearnet and ditching the law enforcement authorities. Thus, the law enforcement is trying every possible way to get to these .onion sites links and take further actions on the administrator and the marketplace – arresting the administrator(s) and seizing the domain restricting further use of the dark web websites.

There are instances that give shout outs to the law enforcement agencies who are constantly trying to lower down the criminal activities at the very first place. Talking of the instances, the several big takedowns of the darknet markets like the infamous Silk Road, AlphaBay Market, and Hansa Market are all the credits of law enforcement agencies. There are various pornographic or pedophilic websites especially the ones that feature teenagers. 

The law enforcement agencies are taking them down one by one and they are implementing all possible ideas that could help them in achieving their goals. One of such example is the joint venture of DARPA and NASA in tracking down cybercriminals. It was also noted that back in the year 2014, the law enforcement took rigid action against over 400 hidden wiki links on the darknet that included dozens of the illegal marketplaces and other related websites that operated on the Onion Router or Tor Network. The network practically makes it impossible almost to physically locate the hosting of the computers or accessing the best dark web websites on the network.

These are some of the vital successes that are most welcome in order to keep a check on the cybercriminals and their nefarious activities on the various dark web directories comprising the Tor .onion URLs sites that compromise on personal data or life.


Darknet Strives Hard To Provide More Rigid Secrecy

The websites that are there on the darknet typically operate under the privacy paradox. Anyone who has a prompt idea of the dark web will know that anyone who wants to surf these Tor .onion URLs directories or .onion URLs needs to possess the latter of the particular website. Someone not having the required essential will not be able to visit them and that no one will be able to figure out anything about the hosting of the websites.

The Tor browser is striving every possible way to keep the law enforcement away from interfering into the business of the users of the dark web. This is due to the fact that the government agencies are also at parlance trying hard to seal the nefarious activities that continue on the various best dark web websites. The game has begun and both the opponents are competing hard to survive the competition.
The Tor browser is continuously upgrading itself and fixing all sorts of bugs so that the users can stay protected and that they can make it even tougher for the officials to get past the secrecy that Tor has maintained till now. On one hand the users seek complete anonymity and secrecy and on the other hand the law enforcement agencies are all geared up in opposing it. The cat and mouse chase  in the dark web will continue till one succeeds. At the same time it can be said that the law enforcement might not be able to completely stop the nefarious activities on the dark web. This is because both parties are trying to find the loopholes of each other and make their goals a big failure. What is to be seen is how long will law enforcement agencies take to achieve their goal and what all steps they have to adopt in order to accomplish.

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