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Difference Between Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Following the most advanced progress in artificial intelligence (AI) can seem unbelievable; however, if it’s getting the basics that you might be interested in, you can rage several AI variations down to two concepts: machine learning and deep learning. These terms often sound similar and consider the same; hence it is necessary to know the...


What I learned from My Machine Learning Projects Using Python

Python Projects are fun to work with, especially if you have understood the knack of putting machine learning applications in the middle of its operations. Yes, we all know that Python is the most popular and the fastest growing community of open source programming languages and therefore it makes sense to leverage Machine Learning using...


How machine learning is redefining Healthcare industries

Machine learning looks at observations like direct experience or instruction and figures out patterns in data. Also, it predicts events in the future based on those examples. Many industries across the world are taking more and more use of machine learning. Machine learning captures a large amount of data and makes it available globally. Processing...

Applied AI course

5 Indian AI Based Startups that Want to Work for a Better World

The application of machine learning in business intelligence is quite well known. Companies have been amassing data and applying analytics strategies to make the most of that data. They have tried to conduct behavioral analysis to understand what the customer wants to buy; they have run tonnes of data through machine learning algorithms to find...

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