Technological Tips And Tricks To Make Your Time Valuable And Worthy

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Technological Tips And Tricks To Make Your Time Valuable And Worthy

If you’re thinking to save your time while using tech or some of your devices but know where to start with, then you should read this. We have covered some of the roundup technological tips and tricks that should be known by everyone. Have a look to know and tell other people as well.

  1. Remove Pesky apps notifications-

If you are an iPhone lover or are using any Apple mobile, then this trick is very much useful and time saving for you. Unfortunately, there are so many apps that constantly keeps on sending useless notifications and break the workflow of people. To turn off these notifications you will have to go to settings and then choose notifications. On that page, you will see a list of apps and from there you can easily manage the app notifications. Work through this list to manage notifications and save your time while working. If you wanted to have more detailed information about this trick, then go and find it on some of the tech blogs India.

  1. Search from the Browser bar-

If you are working on something important and suddenly you want to search for something, then there is no longer need to open to Google. You can easily search the thing you want with the help of the browser bar. Therefore, this will further help you in saving your time and making it worthy as well.

  1. Use Remote Desktop-

Sometimes while working we forget to send something important to clients or to the person we are working with. In this case, people panic but there is no need to panic now even if you are out of the home. The only thing that you will have to do is to open the remote desktop app on both your phone as well as on PC. After that you will have to add the PC id on your phone also, then you can easily manage your computer using your mobile as well. Hence, this is one of the best tricks that can be used by people, to know in detail about this search on some of the top tech blogs in India.

Future with Tech is a technology blogs India that people can refer to for knowing newer things related to technology. This is the best blog that can people refer to because the information provided is always up to date and accurate. If you are a beginner in knowing about tech then this is one of the best-considered blogs for you.

  1. Use Site: to search content from one site-

This is a trick that will help you to search content from only one of your preferred sites only. For doing so, you will have to open Google and there on the search bar type Site: then the name of blog and content. Furthermore, this will help you in finding all the related content from one single site only. Try this trick out.

  1. Scan Documents with the help of your phone-

With the advancement in technology, people can now easily scan their documents using the mobile. For scanning the documents on mobile, you will have to open the Cam Scanner app. This is one of the best and trusted app for scanning documents using the phone. If you want to know in details about this app, then search about it one some best tech blogs in India.

These above mentioned are the five tips that can be used by you, if you want to save your time and make it worthy and valuable.

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