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In a world where people prefer to stay indoors because of a busy and tight schedule, recreational activities are quite hard to come by. People usually opt for more easy and entertaining options like watching a movie or playing video games on consoles, etc.

Most people tend to utilize a holiday by spending time with their friends, family, or even alone. They go shopping or go out for dinner or coffee. One more popular option that has been turning heads over recent years is ten-pin bowling.

It is a type of bowling where you roll down wood or synthetic lane where a total of ten pins are positioned in a symmetrical order in four rows that sum up to make a triangle that is equal on all sides. The motive of the roller is to knock down all of the ten pins in one go to make it a strike or to fail in the next attempt to convert it into a spare.

The ten pin bowling game has ten rounds for every player with each player getting two frames per round to knock down all the pins. The score counted consists of the total number of pins knocked down.

It’s quite simple as mentioned above, to knock down all of the ten pins in one go to get a strike, knock down all the pins in the second attempt to convert it into a spare. One additional rule that we didn’t mention earlier is if you manage to hit three consecutive strikes in an orderly fashion, it is termed as a turkey. The game is fun and can be played at an age of as young as four years.

Moving on to the area and equipment of the game. The arena for the ten-pin bowling should be around 86 feet in length including the lane and the approach area and it should be 12 feet wide for every other with a total of 12-14 feet of height for the lane. Anything less than the dimensions mentioned above is not considered standard sized and can be a dangerous place to go to. The total area that is required to build a standard-sized bowling alley is almost around 6000-8000 square feet. This area includes the cafeteria, snack shops, and seating arrangements among other things.

The ball is made up of urethane and can weigh from 6 lbs to 16 lbs. That depends on the age and gender of the person in question. Other expenses include the cost of the lane, the pinsetter, spares, and other accessories among others. The basic cost for a bowling lane may vary following the dimensions and configuration of the lane. A rough estimate is that one bowling lane can cost somewhere between twenty to thirty thousand US dollars.

The ten-pin bowling was a heavily recognized sport in competitive games but as the craze and demand for the sport decreased gradually, investors tried to keep the spirit of the game alive by turning bowling alleys into somewhat more fancy and entertaining places where people can compete as well as enjoy the company of their loved ones. Ten pin bowling in India is becoming a thing too ever since many malls and other gaming zones opened up their gates for bowling balls in India.

Bowling lanes in India are deemed as a bit different when compared to other countries like the US, the UK where the sport was played professionally too. In here many people think of bowling as a mere fun activity to ease the everyday pressure of their minds and to spend quality time with their loved ones.

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