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Thank you coronavirus helper 50 companies

Hello, guys join this amazing movement to thank you, coronavirus helpers, like grocery store workers, truck drivers, first responders, doctors, teacher delivery man, and many more. All these coronavirus helpers are making sacrifices to support the covid-19 situation.

And if you really feel proud of them, then express your appreciation on social media and thanks to them. And you there are 50 company in all over the world who thanks them and help the government, so very thankful you, coronavirus helpers, who help in this corona period.

You know that most people lives have been upended by the coronavirus sweeping the world, and at that time 50 company help the world, when the pressure is on and governments are overloaded and those companies business small or large they still help the government let’s discuss those companies which help the government in this corona period and we are very thank you coronavirus helpers companies who stand in that situation too.

5 companies- Thank you, coronavirus helpers-


Thank you, coronavirus helpers, Microsoft company who help us and announced that they will be paying extra amount their workers who help coronavirus campus.


Google established a coronavirus fund that enables all their staff, vendors, globally, to take a paid sick leave, if they have any symptoms of coronavirus and they don’t need to work when they are quarantined. And the most important help they did for their staff is that they provide video conferencing call on hangout meet, which is available for all G-suite customers until 1st July, so very very thank you, coronavirus helpers, Google.


Loom company provide an education service to all which is totally free for students, they have made free loom pro for teachers and students at k-12 school, institutions, and universities and you know what they have removed the recording limit which is totally free for both, in which they can easily educate themselves so big thank you, coronavirus helpers, you help us in that situation.


As you know Amazon is a very large company and they already have many employees in their company but still, they hire 100,000 jobless people, this company gave a job to them for their help in which they can easily earn money, so very big thank you, coronavirus helpers.

And Amazon Company announced that they will provide a paid sick leave to their staff but only for those people who test positive for coronavirus.

    French luxury group kering-

This group which owns many brands like Gucci, Bottega, Veneta, which is a very high brand, donated 2 million Euros to help the coronavirus helpers like the doctor, government, farmer, and many more, So thank you, coronavirus helpers.

Many companies help the entire world, like NBCUniversal, many restaurants, Starbucks, Apple, Disney, many banks, uber, Walmart, McDonalds’, adobe, and many more like this.

In end-

If you read this article then this is a high time to help those people who help coronavirus fighters, go and motivate them. As you know helping anyone is the best feeling in the world, if really want to help corona fighters then do anything for them, so very very thank you, coronavirus helpers, yahoo.

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