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The 5 Best Smart Watches 2020

Technology, with many advanced systems, is here to stay. Not a day goes by without us not having news of novel devices that are in the process of being created. And we could not be more grateful that that happens, since all these electronic products facilitate our day to day by leaps and bounds.

However, there are a large number of quality smart watch Pakistan models on the market. That is why we have decided to launch this article, to make the task of buying your watch easier, ensuring perfect performance thanks to our in-depth research.

Comparison of Smart Watches – Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2

As one of our most complete smartwatches, and with more than 19,000 reviews on Amazon, they make it a No. 1. Fitbit continues to impress us with its technical quality with this highly functional model. Its quality battery allows you to use your new watch for up to four days. This product is perfect if you want to make a healthy change in your life, as it has systems that monitor your heart rate and show you the calories you have burned. Therefore, it will be an excellent help if you want to get in tune for next summer, since you will have all the data of your day to day controlled: from the number of steps, to the distance or minutes.

But it also takes care of other tasks, such as analyzing your rest perfectly to find a formula in which you sleep soundly: the next day you will feel totally revitalized and with energy to face the day. However, this smartwatch is useful, above all, to keep you informed of notifications. Be it calls, text messages or events / appointments, with your new watch you will have all the information available in your hand.

Willful Smartwatch SW016-BK-F2-ES7

This cheap smartwatch offers efficient technologies that will be of great help to us in our daily lives. This product works with the internet, and it gives you the possibility that you can call or answer messages easily. In addition to that, it has countless interesting functions that will help to organize our week correctly: music, alarm, calendar, calculator, calories, sleep monitor, etc.

You will find out all the news and news instantly through a vibration, since you will also receive notifications (if you want) from your Twitter account, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, etc. If you have an iPhone, the functions will be reduced and you will not be able to enjoy this model as much as users with Android.

UMIDIGI Smart Watch Uwatch3

As the best value for money smartwatch on the market know the xbox one s price in pakistan, this model has a very attractive fitness style, making it ideal for athletes. In fact, the bracelet has seven programs for exercising: whether you like to walk around the city, jog, go horseback riding, play football or tennis, you will always have an option that has your precise data in real time. In addition, to make sure you are well, it also comes with a monitor that monitors your heart rate.

We like this UMIDIGI smartwatch for its versatility – it’s even waterproof! If you like diving or swimming on the beach, you have already found the perfect complement for this summer. We like how this bracelet sends notifications; we assure you that you will never miss a call. Your social networks can also be associated if you want to have your entire virtual life up to date. In just two hours, this watch will be ready for you to use it to the fullest for several days.


If you want a smartwatch that works perfectly and has a beautiful design that matches all your outfits, this is the most versatile model of all. Made of glass and stainless steel with an anti-scratch system, its dial has a 1.22-inch screen and a very sharp definition.

This model is suitable both for people who work long hours, and for those athletes who are always looking for a space to train. For sports lovers, this product will suit them like a glove. They will be able to record each data of their training: calories, number of steps, stopwatch, etc. We like that this complete watch also checks your blood pressure and heart rate every ten minutes. Not only that, it will also compare your rest each night and analyze it accurately to help you sleep better.

But if you really want to hallucinate, this smartwatch with advanced technology will be very useful for women: it will save your menstruation information, and even follow the steps of pregnancy in detail! Like the rest of the models, this one also has functions that help you organize the week and answer calls or messages.

Vicsainteck VIC07

As one of the cheapest smartwatches in the comparison, this smartwatch is fantastic for everyday use. Thanks to this watch you will have everything you need to make everything perfect during the week. We like it because this watch adapts to the situation, we have thanks to its six alternative styles offered by the ‘H Band’ app.

This smartwatch caught our attention for its functionality and speed, since it responds to notifications from apps such as WhatsApp or text messages instantly. While you respond to your friends, this product also stores information related to your health: steps, blood pressure, heart rate, quality of sleep, etc. These qualities are also applicable if you love sports.

Another surprising aspect was the life of its waterproof battery. We not only have a very complete product, but it also has impeccable resistance. You can bathe on the beach or wash your hands without worrying about your new watch getting wet. After charging it for two hours, this model can be up to seven days working without any impediment.

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