The 5-Second Trick For Things to do in Tauranga

The 5-Second Trick For Things to do in Tauranga

The Bay of Plenty boasts some of NewZealand’s finestsun, sandand sea.Taurangais locatedon the sought-after coast.Here you willfindthe Mauao volcanoasand the breathtakingMount Maunganui beach.The localscall it”the Mount”, asthis beachside gem offers watersportsandevents for the daring, as welltasty food options forfoodies.

These are the topactivitiesto doinTauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui is an extinct volcano, which is situatedin a beautiful spotin the harbor betweenTauranga.Mauao in Maoriis a Maori word that means”caughtatdawn”.Therefore, it’sfitting to see all thatitcanprovide during the daytime.There aremany walking pathsand ittypically takes aroundan hour togo upthrough the pohutukawas.While it’s a climb that’s steep but once you’ve reachedthesummit you’ll be greetedwith360degviewsof the Bay of Plenty coastline and Taurangatown’scenter.Mount Maunganui Beach (New Zealand’s mostfamousbeach) and Pilot Bay (New Zealand’s best-known beach)flank the mountain and offerstunningviews from every angle.Bring a picnic lunch(coffeeis a must) andtake a lookbeginning with a serenesunrise.

Adventure Water Parks:BeFabulous

{}McLaren Fallsadrenaline-fueled thrills tickleyourinterest,look no further thanTauranga’sveryownWaimarino Adventure Park.It’sonly a 10-minute ridefrom the citycentretodiscover a myriad of activitiesacrossthe Wairoa.There’splenty for everyone, fromrock climbing wallsandslip’nslide.It is also worth checkingout the Tarzan swing as well as the water trampoline,and the inflatable ‘blob’which will propel you intothe lake.Waimarino offerseveningglowwormkayakingexcursionsonLake McLaren for those whoare lookingtorelax and enjoya quiet water activity.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Ahike to the waterfallisa must-doelement of anyKiwi summer.First off, hit upMcLaren Falls Park, where thequick 20 minutes walk will takeyouwindingthroughglow worm cavesas well as native forests.You can alsowalk aroundthe reserve’s 190-hectaresof land onseveral tracks.Kaiate FallsKaiate Falls, located 30 minutesfromTauranga, is nexton your agenda.Follow the forest walktrackup to the top, thencontinue down beside the cascadesuntilyou reachtheswimming hole. Thislagoon is perfectto take a dip in the afternoon.

Hire a catamaran tosail to this uninhibited island

Whakatanecan be reached byjust aquick drive fromthecoastline. From there,you willtake off for an unforgettabledayaboardacatamaran.Set sailtoMoutohora Island off the Bay of Plenty coast.It is possibletospot rare native wildlifesuch asTuatara, Kakariki, fur seals, penguins,and Tuatara.Tosee moreof theincrediblemarine lifethat inhabitsthe island, youcouldgo snorkeling.Relaxon the island’s privatehot-water beach, or relaxon thesideboard of the boat.

The Dream Summer Festival

Are youreallyaKiwi, if you’ve neverspent at least one Summerin the Bay Dreams venue?Bay Dreams.They know how todeliver a spectacularshow. CardiB, the headliner oftheJanuary 2019 Bay Dreamsgig, performedBodak Yellow hits and wowa packedcrowd.Peking Duk (Sub Focus), LAB, Katchafire and LAB wereamongtheacts thatperformedat the NewYear’s festivalin 2021.Bay Dreams, Tauranga’s summer destination,haseverything youneed to enjoy a fantastic lineup withglitter anddenim,camping andcamping.

These Stores Have Local Stores

Shopping in Tauranga Tauranga Shopping isallaboutdiscoveringhidden treasures andindependent stores.Ifyou have a keeneye fordesign and a love ofKiwi-made brands, you shouldgo to thethe PaperPlane conceptshop.Here, you willfind a carefully curated selectionfashion, lifestyle and homewares.For some spontaneity, visitOur Place fora selection of rotatinglocal pop-upsfromjewelry and fashion to art.Our Place’s centre is madeout ofshipping containers. Itsgoalis tooffer low costretail spacefor local artistsand entrepreneurs.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Looking to indulge in someluxury?Ifyou arelooking forluxury, a bohemian stylepicnicoverlookingMauaoMountainand the ocean is thebest wayto go.Bay Picnicsprovideseverything yourequireto enjoy a memorableevening,including teepees andbigfluffy pillows.Also, there arecandles and throws that are festoon.They also havethefoodoptionscovered, with platters featuringlocal,veganandraw produce at theready.It is possible toinclude flowers inyour picnic ifit isa romantic occasion, such asan engagement that you’ve always wanted to have.

GetAmong The Markets

Taurangahas something unique to offerin terms of aweekend market.The Little Big Markets are openevery Saturday.There youwill find avarietyofartisans and delicious food.From French crepesto a variety of ice creamto rainbow shavediceandlocaltreats, you’ll find it all.It’s impossible tomissthe Dinner In The Domain event,which is aweeklygatheringfeaturing the most deliciousfoodtrucks in the area.We’re talking bubblewaffles, themost delicious burgers, giganticpaellas,and sweettreats.We’resalivating over the delicioussnacks on offerat Hello Rosie, a connoisseurof veganfood items.For those wholike fresh fruit go totheSaturday farmers marketstofindstunning seasonal produce.

Moturiki Island: Walk to

It is possible to walk aroundthisisland.Thetiny350-meterislandis located nearMount Maunganui Beach and is connectedby a walkingbridge.The blowhole,thatshootswaters out during high tide, can be foundupon enteringthe island.Take the walkupwards and you’ll be greetedwithvastpanoramasof the oceanandMauao and thecity’scoastline.

Salt Water Hot Pools area great way to unwind

Ifrelaxing and unwindingare your top prioritythen atripto Mount Hot Pools isessential.The salt-water pools that arelocatedagainst Mount Maunganui are well-known for theirtherapeutic benefits.A soak in themwillmake you feellike anewperson.If you’relooking to stepyour luxury, justbook intoa private pool, andthe massageyou’re due.

VisitThis Quaint Historic Village

Stroll throughthe cobbled streetsinThe Historic Village andstep back intothe past.With hiddennooks, cutecafes, and a variety ofartists It’s easy to whirlin the sunhere.There are alsoa numberofsmall art studiostoexploreincludingTurner Gallery and Imprint Gallery which means that the art loveris well taken care of.

Take advantage of the delicious local food

We’reobsessed withfood.Taurangahas a wide selectionoftasty drinks and snacksthat willmake you swoonallday.

Ground Zero Coffeeshouldalways beonthelistof coffeeenthusiasts.It’s the Bay ofPlenty’sfirstSpecialty Coffee Microroastery, servingthe bestflat whitesandIcedcoffee.Ifyou’re looking forsomething sweet,youmight considerYo and Co. The dessert bar offers wafflesand savoury and richcrepes.

The Nourished Foodie is theperfect placeforsweet-toothed health nuts.Theplant-based cafeis all aboutfresh, local produce. Theyare proud to be100% vegan and offeringdairy-free and gluten-free choices.YoucanchoosetheWellness Bowl filled with herby browns,tomatoes sprouts, smoky tofu, and sproutscoconut tzatzikiforbreakfast.Speciality sweet treats such asNutella, custardanddouble chocolate browniesare availableatThe Nourishing Bakker.

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