The Best Schools In Bangalore And Their Innovative Montessori Curriculums

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The Best Schools In Bangalore And Their Innovative Montessori Curriculums

 Nobody can deny the fact that the imparting of education to children by admitting them to a renowned school is one of the most pertinent responsibilities a parent will ever have. It might sound easy because there are so many options available these days for schools and colleges which are mushrooming in and around our cities every day. However choosing a school and a college is something that comes later but the most important task at hand for a parent would be to choose a Montessori school of importance because it will not only lay the foundation of your child’s education but also mould the person, how he or she is going to be in the future to a certain extent.

This is the reason why modern parents are becoming more and more interested in getting their children enrolled in good Montessori schools where their kids will get a chance to learn things on their own and build a foundation for a solid personality.

Importance of Montessori curriculum in Bangalore

Any good Montessori school will know that to get the best out of a child, full freedom must be given to them. This will explore their innate talents and involve them in activities which will suit them and while doing that the teacher can take a back seat and just observe what kind of development is happening in a child. If you are a parent who wants the best for their kids and wants to provide them the brightest future possible then you must very carefully choose a Montessori school which you want to admit your child into.

Some Hidden Facts about the Montessori Schooling System of India

People know that the Montessori environment lasts till the child attains the age of 6 years but very few people know that Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori system, when she was in India, created Montessori methodology for the elementary level which will even continue till the University level. It could not be implemented till date because unfortunately her ideas existed only in her writings. 

The Montessori methodology consists of activities that will require them to do decision making, play as a group and share their resources, while creating an individual voice for themselves. A good Montessori training and a full proof Montessori Curriculum can never be successful within the barriers of the 4 walls of a classroom but they also need to be akin to nature.

A true Montessori should have a specific setup which is called ‘Erdkinder’ or ‘children of the earth’ and during these growing years a child should be made a treasure chest of knowledge that is practical in nature, which will acquaint him or her with skills that will be required for actual living. According to Maria Montessori, these skills include a vast array of activities that range from pottery to farming, from carpentry to the knowledge of selling products along with practical knowledge of geography as well as economics.

Following the True Montessori system – Global Indian International School’s Global Montessori Plus Program. 

The school that truly follows the Montessori system and true values of Montessori Curriculum should not believe in standards, classes or grades and rankings like we know them. It should be based on age groups and accordingly age appropriate knowledge should be imparted to each child. A good Montessori program of today’s time should be the one that incorporates all these methodologies along with innovations of the modern times that will cater to the necessities of the children in the new decade. Not many Montessori schools in Bangalore can boast of that.

There is only one Montessori school that I know of which can proudly say that they have been doing just that and as a result providing the best available Montessori experience to its children and that is the Global Indian International School’s Global Montessori Plus Programme, which is regarded as one of the best schools in bangalore.

The compelling value proposition of this program lies in the way they have customised the methodologie of Kindergarten teaching as proposed by Maria Montessori.

That is the reason they have incorporated the word plus in the GMP Programme because this integrates the world renowned original theory with modern pedagogies which are created by focusing on contemporary insights and research work. Keeping the fundamentals of formal learning intact but infusing it with the latest unique learning tools in order to offer an innovative opportunity for each student to grow and develop is the ultimate aim of this process.

Excelerate’ Programme : Bringing Forth Acceleration in the Life of a Student of GMP Program

The focus with which the ‘Excelerate’ program is conceived by GMP Programme is to bring forth acceleration in the basic learning skills which provides special focus on achieving excellence. The instructors of this methodology put proper focus on a child learning, writing, listening, reading, speaking skills and along with that, having a keen knowledge or numeracy through mathematics while making all of it interesting and fun and that is the main motto of GMP Plus, which is offered by one of the best schools in bangalore, GIIS. Providing individualistic focus on each child has resulted in all the students of this program to become eager as well as fast learners from a very little age.

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